101 ways to make every second count

101 ways to make every second count; time management tips and techniques for more success with less stress by robert w. bly
Robert’s book is a good and useful book on time management, and this review highlights the salient points that were covered. I have started with the content page:



Chapter 1: Quick tips to speed it up

Chapter 2: Do you really want to be productive?

Chapter 3 The 10% Solution to Increase Personal Efficiency.

Chapter 4 Mastering the seesaw of time management

Chapter 5 Using technology to save time

Chapter 6 Delegations and Outsourcing.

Chapter 7: Getting Organized

Chapter 8: Maximizing your personal energy

Chapter 9: Managing Information Overload

Chapter 10: Downloading and Priority Management


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About the Author



The Introduction begins with a quotation and a citation;

You can delay, but time won’t

-ben franklin

According to an article in American Demographics (January 1999), consumers have come to regard time as their most precious commodity. “To satisfy today’s consumer, you need to do business in a real-time world, one where time and distance collapse, action and response are simultaneous, and customers demand instant gratification.” In Bob’s world, “101 Ways to Make Every Second Count” shows him how to succeed in today’s fast-paced, competitive world by increasing his own personal productivity, so he can get more done in less time. 101 Ways… is organized into 10 quick-read chapters. The first chapter features proven time-saving strategies you can learn in less than 20 minutes for an instant boost in personal productivity. Chapter 2 lets you assess how important it is to you to increase personal productivity…and whether you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there Chapters 3 through 10 present a host of tactics that can help you get more done in less time with less stress, without sacrificing quality of work.

Chapter 1

“I am always fighting with time! It is so short to do something and so long to do nothing” – Queen Charlotte, (Heiress to the British throne 1796-1817)

The author provides quick tips like making to-do lists, prioritizing, eliminating distractions, applying the 80/20 rule, and managing your energy levels, among others.

Episode 2:

This chapter talks more about motivation to increase productivity and some guidance on goals and causes/ways to avoid job burnout.

Chapter 3

Bob takes us to the ‘power of 10% more’. The magic here is not in trying to achieve 100% improvement, but in showing us how to increase our productivity by 10% improvement in key areas that affect our efficiency. ; like gaining 10% more energy, thinking 10% faster

Chapter 4

He talks about how to maximize time by using time fillers, learning to juggle projects, and managing pressure.

Chapter 5

This is where we are shown how to use the leverage of technology to save us a lot of valuable time and increase our productivity.

Chapters 6 to 10 deal with the invaluable topics of Delegations and Outsourcing. get organized; Maximizing your personal energy and the important topic of Downloading and Priority Management

The book offers a myriad of ways to increase your personal productivity and avoid a lot of stress, whether at work or even while working on personal goals or projects.

Amazon captured an interesting biography of Bob and I quote it below:

“Robert W. Bly (River Vale, NJ) is a professional writer, speaker, and marketing consultant with over 3 decades of direct response, high-tech, and business-to-business marketing experience. He became a self-made billionaire While still in his 30s, Bob is the author of seventy-seven published books, including Careers for Writers (McGraw-Hill/VGM), Secrets of a Freelance Writer (Henry Holt), The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt), The Elements of Technical Writing (Alyn & Bacon) and The Elements of Business Writing (Alyn & Bacon) McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly “America’s Best Copywriter,” and in 2007 he was named American Writers and Artists’ Copywriter of the Year, Inc. Bob writes regular columns for Target Marketing, a monthly business publication covering the direct marketing industry, Early to Rise, a daily e-newsletter on business success, and The Writer, a premier monthly magazine providing Provides information and inspiration for writers. ter e-newsletter, has over 60,000 subscribers.” – Amazon.co.uk

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