Best Places to Farm WoW Gold in Wotlk – Wrath of the Lich King

There is a great need for any gamer looking to survive the recent World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion, Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK). Just like in the real world, living in WoW has gotten more expensive as new outfits and weapons get more and more expensive. Even relaxing in a pub in Dalaran could be worth a certain amount of gold. This has spurred the emergence of not a few articles from the WoW Gold Guide that aim to help the WotLK player farm gold in Northrend. Most of these articles will tell you where to go to farm WoW gold and the fastest way to make gold in WoW. Even the best WoW gold making guide contains almost the same tips and techniques that you will find in these WoW gold farming articles.

Here are some tips for making money from WoW that are constantly referenced in these WoW farming guides:

1. Get the right gathering profession. Having the right profession will allow you to develop the right skills to make gold. The best professions are those in which it is easy to level up and in which it is easy to earn gold. Some of these professions include:

o Mining: your minerals can bring you a lot of gold. By maxing out your gathering skill level to Grandmaster level, you will be able to mine most minerals. You can go to the Burning Steppes and Un’goro in search of Mithil and Thorium or the Nether Storm, Terokkar and Nagrand in search of adamantite ore.

o Herbalism: You can find many herbs to sell for gold in the different areas of WoW. You can find some Mana Thistle in the Outlands or a few drops of Nightmare Vine when you go to Shadowmoon Valley. Other herbs you can find are Fel Lotus, Ancient Lichen, and Netherbloom.

o Skinning: There is a large amount of gold that can be made by selling rare leather such as those made with cobra scales and wind scales. These can be found in Shadowmoon Valley, Nagrand, and Blade’s Edge Mountains. He can even be crafty enough to turn them into more useful armor and other items for more gold.

2. Maximize Your Crafting Profession – Like your Collector Profession, you need to ensure that your Crafting Profession level is well up before entering WotLK. These professions include alchemy, jewelry, and leatherworking. As you will notice, these skills can be combined with your collecting professions in order to increase the gold values ​​of your collected items.

3. Trade in your assets: look at the auction house. You can get more gold by finding out which ones are selling for fewer amounts of gold, but have the potential to sell for higher amounts of gold in the future. Follow the basic rules of trading which is to buy low and sell high. Keep an eye out for things that are selling at a bargain price that could possibly fetch a higher price later due to an increase in demand.

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