Best Sun Safe Candy Brands for Kids

Summer may only be a recent memory, but in many parts of the world, the sun is still shining brightly. That means that most candy will melt between its packaging and the consumer’s mouth. Think of the sticky mess that fudge or caramel candies can turn into if left on a picnic table during a family outing.

It doesn’t have to be this way because there are many sun-proof candies that hold their shape and don’t get sticky in the sun. Choose the sour mix that will make your mouth water. A thick layer of sour sugar makes these chews more delicious. Plus, they won’t melt in the sun. The cool colors and unique flavors will stay true to the bottom of the paint can container in which they are packaged. Order plenty of these to have on hand this fall for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or just to enjoy every day. Then relax, knowing you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a sticky mess at the bottom of the container on a warm fall day.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans: Very Cherry is another popular option for kids to eat on the go. They’ll love these super juicy treats on chilly fall days, and mom won’t have to worry about a sticky mess on little hands. Available in the Mini-bin, these Jelly Belly treats will last a long time in the kitchen or on the patio … until the kids find them, of course. Once discovered, these juicy beans will quickly disappear.

Mega Candy buttons are a nostalgic gift for adults, but today’s kids will love them too. These large caramel buttons come in strips for easy enjoyment and plenty of non-sticky pleasure. Flavors include lemon, raspberry, orange, and cherry, so there is sure to be a everyone’s favorite in the three candy sheets that come with every order. Share them with friends and family every day.

Who can resist Raspberry Rock Candy? These crystallized treats are sweet and juicy, and are perfect for afternoon nibbles. They are heat resistant, so if your kids are busy outside on a sunny day, don’t worry if they come back inside with too sticky hands. These delicious treats also come in strawberry, cherry, and grape, so everyone can find a flavor they love. Be sure to order a lot to last through the holiday season, whether you like the minidisk, metal lunch box, or paint can. These colorful sugar and water crystals will be a favorite and a fun science lesson too when kids ask how these candies are made. You will also sound like a genius when you explain that rock candy is created by mixing sugar and water and applying evaporation. Imagine a science lesson and a snack all rolled into one! Many children like licorice … some prefer the red while others like the black variety. Have the family taste the mixture of licorice and red with its cherry and strawberry flavors. Or order Licorice – Black Mix for the ultimate in licorice flavor. Licorice – Australian Red is another richly flavored morsel that the whole gang will appreciate on a sunny fall afternoon in the park or backyard. The twists and turns of these treats are as fun as they are tasty. And you won’t have to worry about melting into an unwieldy stain. These treats will hold their shape both in the sun and in children’s hands.

Red Licorice Scots come in the form of Scottish terriers for lots of fun. Your children may spend more time playing with their treats than eating them. But that’s okay because these are another variety of sun-safe candies. They will taste just as good after a candy dog ​​show as if they were taken straight out of the package.

Another great sun-safe candy that can withstand the bright sun is Jolly Ranchers. These packaged candies come in an individual variety of flavors. Choose grape, apple, watermelon, cherry, or blue raspberry. They are long-lasting candies that will keep children satisfied for a long time. Order in bulk and choose your packaging. The paint can and mini disc are fun storage and dispensing options. You’ll want to have either one on the kitchen counter, within easy reach of the little ones.

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