मूवीस में रियल सेक्स और पोर्न

रियल सेक्स और पोर्न जबकि बहुत से लोग फिल्मों में वास्तविक सेक्स को फिल्म का चरमोत्कर्ष मानते हैं, यह इस मामले से बहुत दूर है। अधिकांश फिल्मों में कामुक दृश्य होते हैं जिन्हें कोरियोग्राफ किया जाता है, और ये वास्तव में काफी स्थूल हो सकते हैं। तथ्य यह है कि केवल 6% महिलाएं नियमित रूप […]

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Do children do better in a disputed divorce or through mediation?

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a divorced couple and their four children. The children ranged in age from adolescence to late adolescence. The family unit was in crisis due to the divorce and the way it was handled. I’m sure the cost was over $ 100,000 for both parties, which is certainly […]

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Pre-reading skills

Many of your child’s early reading skills come naturally during childhood as you read and talk to him. By doing this, you have instilled essential skills that will help them develop pre-reading skills. When your child has reached preschool age, he will be ready for preschool reading. Pre-reading skills for preschoolers are what your child […]

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Save a girl now

HERE’S A LIST OF THINGS YOU NEED TO TEACH YOUR EARLY GIRL: 1. Warn your daughter never to sit on anyone’s lap no matter what the situation, including uncles. 2: Avoid dressing in front of your child once they are 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself. 3. Never allow any adult to […]

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