Choosing a BMX stem

Upgrading your bike with a new BMX stem will customize your ride to your comfort level. With an aftermarket BMX stem, you determine your reach distance and how high or low you want the BMX handlebars to go. You can give your bike a whole new look by buying BMX pegs that match the stem and other accessories to match.

You will find many styles of BMX stems available, enough to suit every personality. Beyond color and texture decisions, you must choose between feather-type and non-threaded stems. When installing the stem, the non-threaded type will be attached to the steerer tube. However, the older bobbin style sticks to the inside of the tube by compression.

These stems are also classified according to angle. When looking to upgrade a bike, try a couple of styles or at least get a close idea of ​​the angle you need to buy a product that fits your needs. You don’t want to have to adjust to an uncomfortable bike (and back pain) if you bought the wrong stem.

Every day seems to bring a new style or development to the powerhouses of bikes. Aluminum alloy stems provide cost savings most of the time, except for high quality alloys which cost much more than carbon stems. Carbon fiber stems add strength, less weight, and help absorb a lot more vibrations from the road, though they cost a bit more than most aluminum stems. On some bikes, a titanium stem adds a special touch, reduces weight, and costs slightly more than most types of aluminum or carbon. When shopping, you can opt for the more functional products from companies like Black Ops or Thompson. North Shore Billet and Chromag offer direct mount stems for certain types of bikes. Others can choose from the many Shadow Conspiracy, Sputnik, Animal, and Kore skins to name a few.

When you buy the stem, know the size of your handlebar and head tube. Once these details are known, you can decide on the length and the drape. In particular, the length of the stem controls the response of the front wheel; longer stems delay response where shorter stems rotate faster. Depending on your history of previous scarring, you may also want to consider a more streamlined or rounded shank to avoid sharp edges that can damage.

With a well-chosen BMX stem, you can relax while your bike stands out from the rest.

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