Cycling to work: benefits for health and the environment

People deserve to know that there are many benefits to cycling to work. Bicycling is a good form of active exercise. It helps improve blood circulation, promotes good balance and coordination, helps achieve good cardiovascular health, and is also an excellent stress reliever.

So if you are always caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy life and have no time left to work on your health and fitness, try cycling to work and you will feel its health benefits. You will start to feel more active and young.

Bicycling to work is good for the body. In addition to being a good cardiovascular activity, it also promotes weight loss and effectively tones muscles. Apart from these, riding a bicycle also maintains the normal range of motion of the lower extremity joints. With all these wonderful benefits of riding a bike in mind, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start getting into the habit.

Do your body and your health a favor. Use the bike more frequently to get there too and from different places.

In addition to the healthy benefits of bicycling to work, there are many other things you need to know to appreciate it all the better. Bikes are eco-friendly vehicles, and unlike cars and other automobiles, they don’t emit smoke. They do not require fuel or other maintenance fluids. This means that riding a bike is a way to keep the environment and the air you breathe clean.

It’s also a way to conserve energy, and at the same time, you’re doing Mother Nature a huge favor. Choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a car, while promoting this environmentally friendly practice, is actually a worthwhile and noble advocacy. If you want to do your part to save the planet, cycle more often and start making others aware of its health and environmental benefits.

There are several countries around the world that are considered “cycling countries”. An example is the Netherlands, where 27% of all daily trips and 25% of trips to work are made with the use of a bicycle. In the Netherlands, bicycles are an essential part of people’s daily lives. They use it to get to places like school, work, supermarkets, shopping centers and churches, among many others.

In Amsterdam, 40% of daily commuters use bicycles. Other countries that use the bicycle as “bread and butter” are Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and China. Given this information, there is no reason why you shouldn’t start using a bike as well. It’s the least you can do to help save the environment.

Biking to work is also very profitable. It can help you save a lot of money on gas and car maintenance costs. Imagine the big difference between bike maintenance and car maintenance. Choosing to ride a bike can help you save money to pay for more important needs or it can increase your savings. Getting a folding bike can be a smart and convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of a daily commute.

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