Does artichoke really help you lose weight?

There have been many fads in weight loss methods, from the Atkins diet to Fen-phen and everything in between. Some of them seem to live up to expectations and some do not. A new trendy weight control aid is Artichoke supplements. This trend started in Mexico and is now becoming increasingly popular in the United States. But the real question is: “Does artichoke really help you lose weight?”

Artichoke supplements are primarily based on artichoke extract. How exactly does Artichoke artichoke extract help you lose weight? The main way that Artichoke products help you lose weight is by helping the body eliminate excess water. For various reasons, the human body retains water and therefore makes us feel and appear bloated. This also gives us extra water weight. The artichoke is a diuretic of natural origin, so when taking Artichoke, the excess water in our body is eliminated. Without so much extra water in our body, we lose inches because our bodies are less swollen and we lose kilos because we no longer carry the weight of all that water.

Now losing inches and pounds is a great thing, but what most of us are interested in is losing fat as well, not just water. The basic premise of losing fat is to burn more calories than we eat. Even if we lose as much weight and water size as we can, our bodies can still add to body fat if we end up eating more calories than we can burn. So in terms of fat loss, Artichoke supplements that only contain artichoke extract as an active ingredient for weight loss are insufficient. They will help with water weight, but not fat loss. Artichoke supplements would work best when combined with other ingredients that actually help you lose fat. Two other naturally occurring plant extracts that can help with this are African mango and bitter orange.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, to lose fat we must burn more calories than we eat. And for many of us, it is a difficult feat! Unlike artichoke extract that deals with water weight, African mango extract actually contributes to fat loss. African mango extract helps increase the body’s metabolism by increasing the energy used by the body. This means that your body will burn more calories than it normally consumes if you consume African mango extract. And in addition to helping you burn more calories, African mango extract also helps reduce your appetite, so you are taking in fewer calories than you normally consume. This makes African mango extract a great weight loss aid because you end up burning more calories than usual and eating fewer calories than usual.

Another natural plant extract that can help with fat loss is bitter orange extract. Bitter orange extract, like African mango extract, also helps suppress your appetite to help you consume fewer calories. But unlike artichoke extract that helps you lose water weight and unlike African mango extract that increases the amount of calories your body burns, bitter orange extract not only helps you eat less, it also helps to break down body fat directly. One important thing to note with bitter orange extract is that it contains stimulants, so you should only consume it earlier in the day so it doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

In conclusion, Artichoke itself is an effective method for losing weight and water size, but it is ineffective for losing fat. Other natural active ingredients for weight loss that are more effective for losing fat are African mango and bitter orange. Therefore, an effective combination to lose inches and pounds faster is to combine Artichoke, African Mango, and Bitter Orange to target weight loss in all directions: remove excess water, reduce appetite, burn more calories, and burn fat.

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