Harness the power of Jesus

Why do people love a celebrity? What is it about an artist, athlete, government official, or corporate figurehead that people will seek out and “adore” them and what they represent? Is it that we are looking for someone who can take us out of the pains of our life and give us joy? Do we hope that by being in their presence we can receive some (monetary) gift from them or be successful like them? Perhaps we hope that they will offer us a well-paying job or the opportunity to work with them in what they are doing. What can any other human being do for you that is as lasting as what Jesus has already done for you?

In Matthew 21:9-11; Mark 11:9-11; Luke 19:37-44; John 12:13, 19, Jesus continues His inaugural journey to Jerusalem in the manner of a King coming into His Kingdom. He is fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy. Crowds greet him as the Pharisees try to silence this cult. What is this POWER that Jesus has over people? Why do they follow and worship him?

People recognize the power of JesusMatthew 21:9; Mark 11:9-10; Luke 19:37-38; John 12:13
Jesus has come down from the Mount of Olives to the Kidron Valley and is now ascending to the gates of Jerusalem. The crowds that followed him from Bethany and down the hill are increasing and their praise for him grows louder. Some lead the way with palm branches, while others follow with praise. They are clearly declaring him as their King. It is a joyous event. What are they looking for? What do they expect from Jesus? Do they expect me to free them from Roman oppression? (What if they are freed from the oppression of their sin?)

Even today, people are hungry for strong leadership and it can be hard to find. The Pharisees try to control the people, just like the priests, but they meet more resistance than cooperation. Most people do not want to be controlled, but rather guided. Jesus’ leadership is far above and beyond what anyone else could do. People do not resist him, but instead seek him as their King because they believe that he has the power that is needed to improve their lives. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t seek to worship him as much as these people do? How much do you recognize and seek the power of Jesus?

Nobody controls JesusLuke 19:34-40; John 12:19
The Pharisees are not wrong in trying to get Jesus to silence the crowd because if Jesus is not who he says he is, this worship would be wrong. However, Jesus is the Son of God, the King of the Jews and the people are right to recognize him as Lord and Messiah. Jesus is so great and his power is so strong that even the stones would worship him if the crowd didn’t.

No matter who you are or what you do, there will be people who will oppose you. If you do bad things, your opponents will be the police and law-abiding citizens. If you proclaim the Gospel, your opposition will come from those who hate Jesus, hate Christians, and/or are totally ignorant of God’s saving grace and love for them. It is important that we examine ourselves to see that we are truly on God’s side and not among those who are hindering the advancement of the Gospel of salvation. Are you really promoting Jesus or are you trying to impose your version of religion on others? Jesus is in control, not you or me, and we must constantly examine our motives to see that we are in harmony with Him.

Jesus doesn’t like to see sinLuke 19:41-44
Jesus arrives in Jerusalem. It’s late in the day, so he only makes a brief comment before he leaves. His words are words of sadness because he sees the sin that they do not see. He wants to bring them to repentance, but they are unwilling to acknowledge their sin and need for a Savior. Because they can’t see what they are doing to themselves, they don’t see that they are going to be responsible for destroying Jerusalem. Their sin will fall on them and the city will be totally demolished and destroyed.

Sin is rebellion against God. When we sin, it hurts us and hurts those around us who are affected by our lives. Although these Jews don’t realize it yet, Jesus came to die for our sins. He knows how destructive sin is. When you engage in activities or thoughts that you know are not pleasing to God, you hurt him because he loves you and wants what is best for you. You also hurt others around you who are affected by your selfishness. The problem is that sin hinders God’s work in your life. If you love him, repentance and avoiding sin is of paramount importance.

Jesus affects his environment Matthew 21:10-11; Mark 11:11
The effect of Jesus in the city is that everyone in the town feels the power of His presence. Although many may not be where they can see him, they are aware of his presence. The entire city is moved by his presence. It seems that some still don’t know who He is, but they are feeling His presence just as much as others.

Have you ever noticed a “change” in the atmosphere when you walk into a church or place where a Christian event is coming up or in progress? This is the covering of the Holy Spirit that goes wherever the Gospel goes. He has a power that only Jesus can give. The presence of a church in the neighborhood decreases crime, builds stronger marriages, hurts those who come and worship. Are you bringing the presence of Jesus into your home, workplace and surroundings or are you hiding it so that someone else doesn’t find out that you are a Christian?
God bless you and have a great week!

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