How do memory foam pillows benefit side sleepers?

pillows benefit side sleepers

A memory foam pillow helps keep the seven vertebrae of your neck in proper spinal alignment. This can reduce back pain, neck tension, and other chronic aches that stem from poor posture while sleeping. This is especially true for side sleepers. The most popular memory foam pillows for side sleepers are molded to fit the curve of your neck and provide support for your head and shoulders. This can also help prevent the unnatural tilting of your neck and spine that occurs with traditional flat pillows.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes of memory foam side sleeping pillow. The best one for you will depend on your preferred sleeping position, the size of your bed, and whether you have other neck or back issues. It’s also important to consider whether you prefer a firm or soft memory foam pillow, as well as if you have any allergies.

If you have a tendency to overheat while sleeping, consider choosing a memory foam pillow with cooling features. Typically, these include holes or clusters in the foam to promote airflow, and you can also look for a memory foam pillow that uses gel or other cool-to-the-touch materials. Some memory foam pillows are also hypoallergenic, which can be helpful if you’re prone to allergies.

How do memory foam pillows benefit side sleepers?

The Strategist reviewer Brenley Goertzen, who is a side and stomach sleeper, recommends this contoured memory foam pillow from The Company Store. The wing-shaped design cradles the head, which relieves muscle tension, and it maintains its shape well over time. This pillow is made from solid-core memory foam, so it’s less breathable than shredded or blended varieties. However, it’s still an excellent option for side sleepers who want a pillow that supports the neck and back without leaving them at awkward angles or adding pressure to the sides of their head.

Another great option for side sleepers is this adjustable pillow from Layla. The shredded memory foam fill is made from a combination of soft and eco-friendly kapok fibers, which are very light and airy. It’s also highly customizable and has a removable cover that’s machine washable. The pillow has a low and medium loft options so you can choose the right height for your needs, as well as a velcro flap that lets you add or remove memory foam shreds to change the feel of your pillow.

If you want a memory foam pillow for side sleepers that’s more budget-friendly than the shredded or blend options, this pillow from Allswell is an excellent choice. The thick layer of blue gel in this pillow feels cool to the touch, which can be beneficial for hot sleepers. It retains its shape after use and washes well in Lab evaluations. It comes with a standard-sized pillowcase that washed well in evaluations, but you can also purchase it separately from the manufacturer. This pillow is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, which can be a problem for some people.

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