How to build a marketing platform for writers

As a writer, are you interested in building a marketing platform? There are some important things you need to know to do this successfully. No matter what kind of writer you are, the difference between being unknown and well known lies in your ability to create influence.

You must have a platform that communicates your integrity, credibility, and expertise in your particular field. The Internet makes it easier than ever to achieve this goal, but you have to know how to do it effectively.

A strong writer’s platform can include their web presence, the contacts they have in the media, the articles they have published, the books or e-books they have written, the public services they offer, public speaking opportunities, etc. the classes he teaches and more. These are all ways he makes a name for himself and makes his works known to the public and his readers.

You can build your writer’s marketing platform by recognizing the ways you can get noticed and create a presence for yourself and then take the necessary steps to achieve it. You can create a website, edit an existing site, volunteer for opportunities, use article marketing to advertise, and participate in social networking sites.

Find the methods that work for you, and then make the investment to make them work for you. The benefits abound and can include increased sales, increased media exposure, blog comments, invitations to speak or participate in interviews, book deals, increased book sales, and much more.

Once you’ve established your platform, you just need to let it work for you. It will work 24/7, even while you sleep to spread the good word of what it can do.

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