How to deal with an overtime interview

What happens when your interview ends? One of the biggest problems with recording audio interviews may be that it lasts longer than expected.

If you want to edit a good 45 minute to one hour interview, I would ask you for an hour and a half. If you really want to do it and make sure there’s nothing scheduled after that, let’s say we’ll need two hours. This gives you extra time to make sure you get what you really need.

If you hesitate to do that, you can always take what you get. Ask for an hour and settle for thirty minutes. Even if you get a good thirty minute interview with a high profile guy, that is still valuable because you have the interview. You have to interview them. You have their name, and that will be good for generating traffic and generating leads. Just ask.

You can ask ahead of time before setting up an appointment with them, say, “Hey, how much time will you have?” This will ensure that you know how long you will have up front and can prepare accordingly. This problem even happens to me. When I was doing an interview with Bill Bartmann, I think we were in an hour and a half, and I had more questions I wanted to ask. It was such a good interview, but it stopped me. He was like, “No, we have to stop right now.” So I finished the interview, but asked, which is all you can do.

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