How to get a girl’s number in less than 5 minutes

Let’s get right to this …

So, you basically need to wander around your city until you find a girl you think you would like to talk to and then when she directly approaches …

And when you have your attention saying something like “Excuse me …” then say:

“Sorry, could you lend me your phone for a second please …” while maintaining strong eye contact …

Depending on the effectiveness of her approach (see the three points below), she may or may not hand over her phone, if not just thanks and walks away.

If he does, pick up the phone and enter your number and call him right away (make sure your phone is charged), once your phone starts ringing, take it out and thank the girl and return the phone to her with a smile.

Now …

The effectiveness of the technique of how to get a girl’s number depends almost exclusively on the three factors below, it does NOT make sense to get the girl’s number if you do not create some kind of bond with the girl, as she will simply delete hers when I do. leaves and won’t reply to your messages.

1. Suppose

This exercise depends almost exclusively on confidence, if a girl notices a hint of uncertainty in your eyes, she will feel the in-congruence between your thoughts, words and actions and she will miss her. You must be 100% sure this will work or it will NOT work.

So how do you get this unshakable trust?


The first time you do it it will be a disaster, but no one will die, so give it a try anyway.

Then little by little you will get better and better and confidence will start to show as you build successful referral experiences.

2. Eye contact

Throughout the exercise, you MUST maintain cool and safe eye contact with the girl. This is where she will be unconsciously looking to check her confidence.

But make sure you don’t make the mistake of staring, if she breaks eye contact, you should too. Don’t look like a psychopath.

3. Qualify and plant the date

Once you have her number, it is important that you do the following two things if you want to see her again:

Rate: You need to give her a reason why you want her phone number, otherwise she will just assume that you do this with each and every girl, which will drastically reduce the chance that she will date you.

Seed The Date – She must know that you are going to ask her on a date, otherwise she will get your message asking her to do something and she will think “why couldn’t she ask that to my face?” Again, be careful not to look too desperate here and maybe just say “oh, I’ll take you to X” or “we should do X”.

Okay, go out there and try your new skill, but remember, now that you know how to get a girl’s number in less than 5 minutes, use this skill in an ethical manner.

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