How To Make Your Wife Happy: A Married Woman’s Secret Wish List For A Happy Life In Marriage


This summary is to separate the facts from the assumptions and common misconceptions of husbands around the world.

Common belief #1: A ring on a woman’s finger secures her forever.


Contrary to popular belief, marriage does not make a woman feel secure enough not to demand her husband’s attention. We are creatures of habit and women, by nature, seek attention from men and compete with each other for this kind of attention. It is in our DNA. We see in movies and hear from conversations, saying “My girlfriend is always jealous and demands too much attention, I don’t want her to be jealous, so I’m going to marry her, I’ll propose to her next week.” In this example, we see that a man in a serious relationship thinks of marrying his girlfriend, a solution to his insecurity problems. Proposing to your girlfriend may make her euphoric and confident for a certain period of time, but it does not remove her true emotions, which are bound to surface during the marriage, if not properly resolved or addressed.

Common belief #2: Flowers are for the ladies, married women want babies.


A woman, although happily married, may still have reservations about having children. Most men think that when a woman says yes and agrees to marry, she will immediately be ready to have children and will want to conceive soon. She can show her willingness to have a family, however, men have yet to confirm if her wives are really ready for pregnancy and childbirth; physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Common belief #3: When the husband provides, the wife steps aside.


Financial security for women, while very important, is not all that a woman needs. A married woman may be more confident and would trust her husband more if he is a productive member of society, successful in his field and earning enough to provide his family with a comfortable life, but her husband’s financial success is not the only reason. addition. of all her happiness and satisfaction in life. A husband’s wealth does not ensure his wife’s continued happiness, fidelity, and full cooperation, nor does it mean that she would always be willing to give up her career or a lifelong dream. This type of decision almost always has to come from the woman’s own will, she decides with her mind and heart, and women think a lot.

Being married myself, I will confess my secret yearnings and longings, for my perceived happy, secure and fulfilling married life.

A Wife’s Secret Wish List: Part 1 – Your Wife’s Emotions

1. Compliments: Women just can’t get enough of flattering comments. She compliments her every day with something as simple as “You look beautiful” or “You are an excellent cook” and she puts a smile on her face that won’t fade easily.

2. Flowers – Women, of all ages and classes, are fond of beautiful things; and flowers, not only beautiful, but also make us feel special and valued.

3. A warm greeting in the morning: Wives are literally “assholes” to receive a warm greeting, hug or kiss when we wake up and get ready for the day. If you had a little argument the night before, nothing like “good morning honey, I love you” can make him forget it and feel better. You want to brighten his day and try to do it every day.

4. Let her win. Speaking of arguments, you might want to consider letting her win most arguments. By giving in and keeping quiet, women tend to resist agreeing with their “man” in an argument if they feel they can win it. talking nonstop. So save yourself and your wife the agony, and let her win. There are wives who are quick to spot mistakes, but first you show them that you love them and that you are willing to listen and let them win the argument.

5. Warning: I can’t stress enough how important this is for a woman. Give her plenty of attention, even before it’s obvious she’s after you. You are the best person to provide the kind of care that she needs, so that she feels safe, adequate, and needed. Listen to it, look at it and pay attention.

6. Your time – Aside from attention, whenever you’re together, you may want to give her your time and show her how eager you are to spend hours with her, regardless of the occasion and your schedule. Make time for your wife, keep in mind that you are investing in your marriage.

7. Commitment: You don’t just commit to marrying her, you commit to her baggage, her priorities, her needs, and her dreams. When we women say yes, we do so wholeheartedly and expect the same commitment from our husbands.

8. Romance – So your single days are over, you get married and sleep with the same woman, hopefully, for the rest of your life. If you think this is scary for men, wait until you look into a woman’s mind, you’ll discover that she, too, is afraid of losing the intensity and intimacy of her relationship, once married. She reassures her by keeping the romance in her married life.

9. Conversations – She wakes you up at dawn, excited and/or anxious, don’t make the mistake of ignoring her and going back to sleep. During these times, no matter how tired or sleepy you are, you need to show her that you don’t mind talking and that you are actually willing to listen to her. Us. wives remember these moments and our husbands’ reactions endure. You can’t run out of topics to talk about, and if your wife is the shy and quiet type, start the conversation and reward yourself and your wife with this beautiful element in a marriage.

10. Calm down: If you don’t understand your wife’s job, hobby, or fascination, it doesn’t matter if you don’t! Whenever she feels down, as a result of disappointments, insecurities, or fears, you should always be there to provide her with reassurance and encouragement. You are the person she relies on, to give her strength and confidence.

11. Help Wanted – For God’s sake, your wife is not a robot! She gets tired too, you know. So what if she’s a stay-at-home wife or mom and you bring home the bacon, she does her share of her work and contributes to the relationship? She helps you not to waste money without sense, she makes a budget for your house and, if she is one of those, she cleans what you dirty. By all means, help her with her work and/or her chores. If you really can’t, she finds a way to make her job easier and, if you can, more enjoyable.

12. Make her laugh. You work on your jokes and make people in the office and your boss laugh out loud, you should make your wife laugh too. Find out as soon as possible what she thinks is funny and make her laugh whenever you can. When my husband and I fight, and he is tired of my nagging, all he does is say something funny, that I can’t help but laugh, and I forget about the fight and the problems.

13. Be intense and intimate. Need I say more? Whatever works for you and her wife, let it flow and show her how passionate you are about making her happy.

14. Support her: whatever she does, be her friend and support her. If she can’t, find a way to emphasize how supportive you are and that she can trust you to help her, and you are the person who will have her back no matter what.

15. Thank her: You can never thank her enough, and if she’s tired of hearing you say thank you, she doesn’t want to be like a broken record that keeps playing, you may want to find ways to thank her, without saying those simple words. Rewards, vacations, and gifts or tokens of appreciation should suffice.

A Wife’s Secret Wish List: Part 2 – The Fun

1. Pleasant surprises: surprise your wife from time to time. Sometimes it just costs your time, sometimes it really costs you, but hey, this is your wife we’re talking about. Surprise her!

2. Regular baths and a good cologne – You don’t want your wife to think and then complain about how bad you smell, bathe and groom yourself, this habit works wonders for a marriage.

3. Splurge – “Expensive” is relative, if your finances only allow you to take her to a 3-star restaurant on your anniversary, by all means, ask for the house special and a not-so-cheap bottle of wine. When you take her shopping, make sure you have enough credit or even cash to buy her what she really wants, like those sexy red stilettos, instead of trying to convince her that brown flats complement her feet and her big size. legacy more.

4. Make her feel sexy: despite childbirth, work and housework, you have to find something about her that makes her sexy, if you really can’t, work on it and blow your brains out if you have to. Tell her what you think is sexy about her. Also, the red lace lingerie she wears in the window should do the job for you, if you don’t like telling your wife how sexy she is.

5. Congratulate her in front of your friends: This trick is quite old, but it is still very effective. When you ask your friend and his wife to join you for dinner, talk openly about how pretty she looks in that sundress, how well she cooked the chicken, and how smart you think she is for getting a good deal on the china.

6. Kiss her on the lips: Brush your teeth regularly, especially before you intend to. She never gets tired of kissing, so don’t jump on her and do your thing, kiss her!

7. Make her feel loved and desired. I’ll leave this part to your imagination and personal preference. My point is that a husband should make sure his wife feels wanted and wanted.

8. Be adventurous: explore things you haven’t done before, go places you and your wife have always thought about, but never gone before. The element of surprise and excitement should always be present in any marriage.

9. Write her love letters. You can be serious or fun and playful, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are spontaneous and sincere. Go ahead and put her thoughts in writing, and let her read about how much you love her.

10. And last but not least, remember! – Remember the dates of very special occasions like her birthday, your anniversary, the first time you met, the first time you kissed, the day you proposed to her, remember these dates, the memories and circumstances, and do something special or prepare something cute and sweet for your wife while you and your wife reminisce.

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