How to measure myself for a cap and gown that fits me well

If you complete all educational levels from kindergarten to doctoral studies, you will have graduated seven times. However, even attending these many commencement exercises does not diminish how special each one is. This is because the experiences, expectations, and effort expended per level are different, making each level different. Therefore, no matter how many times you graduate, there is still the desire to make each one special.

The graduation cap and gown adds to the distinctiveness of each event because aside from the fact that you are only granted the right to wear this ensemble during your graduation, you can also wear seven different graduation outfits depending on your school and degree program. . Regardless of whether you choose to rent or buy your cap and gown, there is a need to ensure its perfection. Selecting the ideal cap and gown begins with taking the right measurements. Here are the steps to ensure the proper fit of your cap and gown:

1) For your graduation cap. If you can visit the store where you will be renting or buying the square cap, they already have skull caps ready made. You can choose one and place it around your head. Next, the part to be seen is marked based on the size of the head. Another option is to use a chart to find out your cap size. Place the tape measure one inch above one ear, going over your forehead, over your other ear, and around the back of your head. Use the measurement to determine your cap size. For example, people with a head circumference of 22.75 to less than 24 inches need a hat size of 7-7 3/8.

two) For your graduation gown. First, put on all of your prom attire, including your shoes. For accuracy, you will need the help of another person to take your measurements. Stand tall with your back against a wall. Measure from the top of your head to the edge of the heel of your shoes. Use a gown chart to determine what size you will need. For example, a height of 3’6″ to 3’8″ will need to get a size 30 dress. Take the measurement of your chest and sleeve sizes as well.

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