How to Plan a Discount Disney World Vacation

There are seven basic areas where planning is necessary for your discounted Disney World vacation…schedule, travel, lodging, ticketing, dining, programming and souvenirs. If you want to cut costs on your discount Disney World vacation, each of these areas must be considered individually.


One of the fastest ways to save on your Disney vacation is to go during less expensive hours and avoid the main tourist seasons. Although you’ll find crowds during most months, Walt Disney World’s busiest times are during the summer months, winter and spring breaks, and major holidays. If you can avoid those times, chances are you’ll find better deals on travel and accommodation. Of course, a lot depends on your children’s schedule and the school, etc.


Saving money on travel to your discount Walt Disney World vacation is not an option, it’s a priority. “Getting there” can be almost as expensive as “being there.” There are several ways to save extra money on air travel to Disney World. What many don’t know is that there are actually two airports in the Orlando area: Orlando International and Sanford International Airport. Or maybe you can save a little more by driving to Orlando and following some great tips to limit your spending.


At Disney and Orlando, your lodging options are numerous… We’ve tried many of them. You can stay on-site at Disney hotels and still get some pretty good discounts. Or you can stay off site at other hotels. Your options include hotel rooms, villas, timeshares, and even entire homes for rent in the Kissimmee/Disney area just minutes from your front door.

Ticket Sales

Like accommodation, Disney’s ticketing options are so numerous that they’re almost mind-boggling. If you shop at the gates, you will NOT get the best deals. The best money-saving strategy is to purchase your discounted Disney Park Hopper Passes BEFORE you arrive in Orlando.


The price, variety, and quality of food at Walt Disney World can be overwhelming. But by knowing your budget and knowing what options you have, you can plan your meals so you don’t end up spending a fortune. Take some focused time in this area and you won’t be disappointed like my friends were.


Your Disney vacation can be a “Once in life” Experience for you and your family. So you want to make the most of it and at the same time not try to do it and see it all. It is important to know WHAT to see and WHEN to see it.


Walt Disney World is a master of marketing. Wherever you go “on the property,” you’ll find plenty of opportunities to share your hard-earned money. When planning your discount Disney vacation, you need to keep your Disney memories in mind. Outside of always saying “NO!” When he sees Mickey’s spinning lights and glowing necklaces during the Spectromagic or Fantasmic parade, believe him, there are ways to save while giving him memorable vacation memories.

Once again, I must say… Discounted Disney Vacations ARE POSSIBLE. But you have to plan well in advance.

  • Know your budget.
  • Know your options.
  • Find out what Walt Disney World is all about.

Start your schedule NOW. And your discount Disney vacation will be a memorable, magical and wonderful experience for you and your family!

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