How to Repair Parking Lot Holes

Repair Parking Lot Holes

When your business’s parking lot is a mess, it can affect your business’s reputation. It can cause your customers to turn elsewhere. You may also face legal trouble. A premises liability lawsuit can cost your company a great deal of money. So how do you get your parking lot in tip-top shape?

First, clean it up. Use a broom, pressure washer or even a blower to make sure your parking lot repair is free of debris. Then, apply a sealcoat to your asphalt to keep it from wearing out and to add an extra layer of protection.

Sealing the cracks in your pavement can extend its life by preventing water and chemicals from seeping in. Sealing also prevents additional cracks from forming. For smaller cracks, a portable crack filler can be used, while a hot pour crack filler is required for larger holes.

How to Repair Parking Lot Holes

Sealing the parking lot is a good way to avoid potholes. Keeping a parking lot in good shape is a necessity for businesses, since it is often the first thing a customer sees when they pull into your business’s lot. In fact, if your parking lot has a large number of potholes, it can actually scare off potential customers.

Potholes are not only ugly, but they can be hazardous to pedestrians and drivers alike. They can also reveal drainage problems and structural damage. Even a small hole can cause significant damage. By fixing potholes in your parking lot, you can protect your investment, your customers and your property.

Another way to protect your parking lot from damage is to hire professional services to repair the holes. If you have a larger area to work on, a vibrating plate compactor or an asphalt roller can be your best bet.

Another effective method is to seal the potholes with an asphalt cold patch. This is one of the best ways to minimize damages and protect your asphalt from freezing water. However, be sure to wait at least 24 hours before applying any materials. Water can freeze and expand when it’s cold, which will cause the area to collapse under its weight.

The sealcoat is a special blend of liquid plastics and binders that provide an excellent, durable surface. Although this can be expensive, it’s the smart way to protect your investment and ensure you don’t have to deal with costly repairs later on.

A pothole is the cheapest way to hurt your business, and if you fail to get it repaired, you could end up with a very expensive lawsuit. That’s why it’s always best to find the best possible solutions.

While it’s true that repairing your parking lot will be more expensive, it’s worth it to keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

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