Ironman Elliptical Machine Review: Elliptical Machines That Are Worth It

Everyone gets hurt at some point in their life. Whether it’s a hip injury, knee reconstruction, or minor shoulder displacement, they all have major consequences down the road. Although your scars may heal, internal injury will often leave your body in chronic pain. First of all, this makes it extremely difficult to continue leading a healthy and active life. Take, for example, the ACL tear that I conceived of during my senior year of high school football. My knee has never been the same since that incident.

During the first 8 months after my injury, I gained a solid 10 pounds just from the inactivity I had to endure. I was used to running the treadmill at the gym, or jogging the 5 miles home from school every afternoon. With the problem posed in front of me, I searched for alternative exercise options. The first thing I tried was swimming. Swimming is an amazing sport to launch into a low impact full body session. However, you can quickly start producing large amounts of muscle mass in unwanted areas.

If you’re just trying to lose a few pounds and get a leaner body image, a low-impact elliptical is the best device you can find on the market. Made of solid steel, the Ironman elliptical offers a wonderful exercise experience. Improves balance, muscle strength, flexibility and weight control. There are handles at the top of the machine that you grip in unison with the movement of your legs on the lower pedals, to induce a full-body workout. The Ironman 500 Magnetic Resistance DLX Programmable EKG Elliptical Trainer features a 17-1/2-inch step, a water bottle holder, oversized pedals, automatic resistance control, and forward/reverse capability. Another great thing about the elliptical trainer is its ability to track your progress while you exercise. An LCD monitor that is attached to the machine allows you to see the time you have exercised, the distance you have covered, calories burned, increases and decreases in heart rate, speed, and your RPM. This feature makes the elliptical machine an invaluable resource for athletes training for events.

Elliptical trainers are great for all ages and fitness levels. You can control the level of difficulty and intensity of your training. No longer will you have to worry about missing your favorite TV series or not having enough time for that new book that has been on the shelf for the last 3 months. You can exercise comfortably in your own home, without the distractions of large gyms and loud noise from outside. They continue to grow exponentially in popularity, and the results you can see with just a few months of training will have you hooked for life.

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