Leaders Club MLM Review – Can The Leaders Club Really Help You Succeed?

Leaders Club is a network marketing training organization that specializes in providing education and training to people in network marketing businesses. They are also controversial, are they real? Does it really work? Let’s take a closer look at the Leaders Club:

The leaders club started in 1994, making it older than many of the MLM companies that represent their clients. It was founded by Andre Vatke, who started over at Amway Global.

They have developed their curriculum around mindset, scripts, and leads. Your curriculum relies on these primary genres for your business development, and undoubtedly many network users need help in these areas.

To their credit, many prominent network marketers such as Mike Dillard (of Magnetic Sponsoring) and Ann Sieg (of the Renegade System) had affiliations with Leaders Club. It seems to be the first step for many marketers to realize that there is a much bigger world in terms of marketing strategies and opportunities to reach others than just those simple “warm marketing” techniques.

Like many training organizations, they have a membership option for people who want to become resellers of their education and turn it into a business. The appeal lies in the fact that the same skill set that is needed to grow a networking business is identical to the skill set that is needed to promote any other type of business.

I have never bought anything from Leaders Club, but I respect what they try to do for the home business community.

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