On the stylish design of the kitchen island: some ideas

A kitchen island offers many advantages, especially when it has an open area in the middle of the cooking center. In addition to being useful for storing utensils, you can also use it to prepare meals, serve buffets, and use it as a breakfast table. With the rapid development of interior designs nowadays, kitchen islands are available with various unique designs and materials. Give your kitchen an elegant touch with some of these ideas:

1. Integrate one with a dining table

A smaller home owner sometimes faces difficulties in organizing kitchen cabinets, an island, and a dining table due to limited space. Often a homeowner decides not to use an island to make room for a dining table. Actually, this problem can be overcome by installing a kitchen island with an integrated dining table or dining counter. Such furniture is usually smaller in size compared to the usual table. With this type of design, you will no longer have to face a dilemma between installing a kitchen island or a dining table. Plus, you can prepare meals while watching your loved ones eat dinner or breakfast nearby, a prestige rarely achieved with a separate dining table.

2. Unique shapes add interest

Most of the time, a kitchen island is designed in a rectangular or square shape. The sharp corners of these shapes make them appear rigid. For a more casual touch, you can try unique shapes like C, S, or an oval shape.

3. Slimmer designs save space

Traditional kitchen islands are bulky enough to allow for a large number of cabinets and drawers to store utensils. However, half of these compartments can be left unused if they are hard to reach. Think again before selecting this type. If you want simplicity, opt for furniture with fewer drawers and cabinets. The slimmer designs may not hold many utensils, but they will surely give your kitchen a cleaner look and more floor space as well.

4. Choice of Materials and Colors

Kitchen islands made of wood with marble tops are commonly found in Western homes. While these are very successful in making a rustic looking kitchen, they are not the only options for modern homes. For a modern look, be brave and creative by mixing various materials and colors. Some materials that will give a modern aura to your kitchen space, among others, are metal, glass and granite. Colors are also an essential thing that significantly affects the appearance of a space. Solemn, earthy colors like wood, sand, or other gradations of brown give a classic look, while vibrant colors like deep blue or metallic colors like silver can create a more modern look.

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