Smooth rough edges

How rough are your edges? What aspects of your professional life need to be polished, honed, developed or refined? Do you understand what it takes to bridge the gap between success and true greatness for you? We’ve all met truly talented executives and entrepreneurs who, while successful, still have a huge barrier preventing them from […]

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Did you know that pets can be a hindrance for home buyers when selling your home?

Recently, a real estate agent contacted me to inquire about the staging of one of his listings. I previewed the house online and was horrified to see that the living room image included a photo of a dog, sitting on the carpet. I could see visions of pet hair and fleas dancing in my head. […]

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Texas Podcast World

Texas Podcast If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to, you’re in luck! There are a number of new shows being released every week. Some of these programs are even more innovative than others. For example, the Amarillo Neighborhood Podcast focuses on the city’s residents. This show reveals the rich culture and […]

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Cosmetics Manufacturers & Suppliers

Cosmetics Manufacturers The search for the right cosmetics manufacturer is not always an easy task. Aside from considering the location of manufacturing, you should consider your product’s niche and budget. There are several categories of cosmetics manufacturers to consider, and choosing the right one can help you achieve your business objectives. Listed below are some […]

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COVID-19 Protection Products

COVID-19 Protection In order to protect workers and the public from the threat posed by the coronavirus, COVID-19 Protection Products must be effective. These personal protective equipment include surgical masks, N95 masks, and gloves. In the United States, this guidance is being used by public health authorities, infection prevention and control departments, and biomedical and […]

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New Versus Used Gas Furnace – What to Consider

New Versus Used Gas Furnace When comparing new and older gas furnace prices, you must consider the size and efficiency of the furnace. Another important consideration is the type of fuel the furnace requires.Before making a purchase decision you must consider the cost of installation and maintenance. Regular maintenance of your furnace includes checking vents […]

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