Pool tables without slate – Everything you need to know

Non-slate pool tables are more affordable than those that use slate. If you’re not familiar with slate, it’s a solid material used under the felt at the top of the playing area. This is in place to give the surface a smooth, level element for the balls to move over properly. Just because you play pool on a table that isn’t a blackboard doesn’t mean you won’t continue to enjoy the game.

However, there will not be the same level of quality as with a slate one. On the plus side, non-slate tables are more affordable and that may mean you can afford one in some situations. When slate is not used there is some other type of material that is in its place. The most commonly used include slatron, which is a type of synthetic material. It’s basically nothing more than a few layers of plastic on top of cheap particle board. Sometimes what is known as fiberboard is pressed around particle board to make it more durable.

You’ll find different levels of quality when it comes to non-slate tables. It’s a good idea to ask what kind of materials the backing is made of, as well as the surface under the felt. That way you can get one that is as well made as possible. There really is no point in paying for a very inexpensive non-slate pool table if it won’t last you very long. The more you can find out about slateless pool table design, the better choice you will make.

However, if you are going to be playing on your pool table often, the slate may not work in your favor. This type of product is more likely to warp, meaning the play area will not stay level. If you have children who will be playing on the pool table, they can be rough and tumble. As a result, such damage can occur, so you need to take this into account.

In addition, you must be very careful that moisture does not enter a table that is not slate. Although you can remove it from the surface, in most cases it can seep through and ruin the other materials. If you find any kind of spill or water leak, be sure to clean them up as quickly as possible. This process will help minimize potential damage to your pool table.

The decision to buy a non-slate table is something you should consider carefully. You don’t want to invest in one and then wish you paid more for one with a slate. Take the time to try some no slate pool tables although that is on display. That way you can find out for yourself what the performance will be like. If you find that you are accepting it, then you might as well save some money and consider this option further.

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