Pre-reading skills

Many of your child’s early reading skills come naturally during childhood as you read and talk to him. By doing this, you have instilled essential skills that will help them develop pre-reading skills. When your child has reached preschool age, he will be ready for preschool reading.

Pre-reading skills for preschoolers are what your child needs to become a reader. Schools seem to require readers to develop earlier and earlier as generations go by. Various competencies lead to good reading ability. These skills include:

Letter skills

Recognizing letter shapes and learning the common sounds letters make gives them a head start.

Motor skills

As your child writes letters and words, he will learn to read them. Reading them will make everything work out for them. Studies have shown that physical activities contribute to better learning overall.


Your child will learn to match shapes, letters, patterns, and then words. Matching helps them gain symmetry and helps them differentiate the left and right sides.


Studies show that if a child can understand words that rhyme, it will give them an advantage in learning to read and even spell. Knowing how to write is a great help to improve writing skills.

Language skills

Practical life skills help your child listen, read, and write. Your child will listen to and participate in conversations, as well as listen to stories and poetry. The more exposure they have to language, the easier it will be to learn to read. They will gain exposure to pre-reading work like; concepts of antonyms, rhymes and sound games. In preschool, your child will be exposed to material that will develop his visual skills that will help him develop pre-reading skills.

Pre-reading skills for preschoolers will teach your child to read short words introduced with small objects. Once they are comfortable with sounds, they will move on to learning how written language works and from knowing how to write small words they will be able to read them.

There are many benefits to fostering a lifelong love of reading in your children. Reading will lead you to adventures and experiences that you may not get anywhere else. The sooner you start fostering this love of reading, the better off your child will be in the future.

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