Spam prevention techniques

There are different types of spammers all over the world who contaminate discussion forums, article directories or classifieds site with spam material. In this article we will discuss about the different behaviors of spammers and how we can prevent them.

Typical spammers:

We can classify spam prevention techniques into the following categories.

  • technical bad words
  • technical spam filter
  • technical email block

Bad technical words:

This is the simple technique used to hide the original spam words that appear on the website. In this technique, you can define a rule to replace swear words with whatever words or signs you want. For example, if someone uses an offensive word, you can define a rule to censor those words with lines “…………” or “xxxxxxx”, etc.

Spam filter technique:

This technique is mainly used to hide user posts that use spam words. In this technique a maximum number of words is defined. If that word count exceeds that post becomes inactive and, most of the time, requires approval from the site administrator or moderators.

Technical email block:

Most of the time, spammers try to overpower the spam filter technique by putting some extra characters along with the words. For example, if a spammer wants to advertise puppies for sale on any classified site like he/she can use **Puppy for sale** or

Puppy for sale. In this way, they try to bypass the spam filter. To prevent this technique, you can define an email blocking technique. In this technique, you can define a list of email addresses and you can block the indicated address from posting on your site.

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