STEROIDS – Let’s keep beating this dead horse!

Anyone else looking to beat this horse?

Still on the steroids debate. Still…in…the…debate…about steroids. They are ILLEGAL!!!!! Nobody understands this fact! ILLEGAL! As in, jail time, fines, suspensions, community service, ILLEGAL. Not allowed! So why is Major League Baseball going round and round with this issue YET!? Rafael Palmeiro tested positive for use and the debate over the record books arose… again! The article I recently read quotes Gaylord Perry, who threw Vaseline baseballs in the early ’60s through the ’80s, and Norm Cash, who admitted he cut his bat in 1961 to hit .361, 41 HR, and 132. RBI. Now let’s see, last time I checked the laws of my local county, state and federal municipalities, NO WHERE did it say he could go to jail or be charged with corking a bat or Vaselining any set. of bats or balls I have… (we’ll leave this comment open for our amusement).

Recently, the chairman of the committee of the Society for American Baseball Research was quoted as saying, “We’re not moralists.” However, don’t you have some level of moral obligation to say that an ILLEGAL act that directly and actually affects the results of these games doesn’t cross the line? Not even a little? What about launching a game by betting on the outcome? Remember the memorable days of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. What if that had been, statistically speaking, the best game ever played? What if it was a no-hitter or known as the game with the most runs scored? Could someone with a clear conscience leave this game in the record books as the benchmark to beat? Could any of today’s athletes stomach the thought of playing the greatest game of all time without cheating and being second after a dropped game? Would the released game be the rightful owner of “The Greatest Game Ever Played”?

Is there a question here to start discussing? Mark McGuire. How about a Big Mac with a side of Lies? Before Congress and before Almighty God himself, Mr. Mc chose not to “…talk about the past.” Because? Does it have anything to do with his use of steroids to claim, at the time, the all-time home run record? Is the use of an ILLEGAL substance enough to cross the line into an area of ​​morality? Perhaps the committee will take a little time to consider ‘it’.

Yeah, it’s just baseball. But, it is the backbone of an American tradition. Maybe we should say that lemon meringue is more American than Grandma’s apple. Maybe orange, white and blue would look better on the flag. Maybe SuperBowl Sunday is just ‘any Sunday’. Whatever. The conclusion is the following. Our life is governed by our pondering of the differences between what is right and what is wrong, good or bad, left or right. Maybe baseball can look at itself and say that if you are: 1.) A cheater 2.) A liar or 3.) You decide to use an ILLEGAL substance like a steroid to further your name among the many who went out of their way to Become a true record keeper, you do NOT belong in the record book. The only book we’ll be sure to remember you in will be the one on fingerprints.

Did I mention that steroids were ILLEGAL?

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