The 6 best places to use your company logo

Owning your own business, whether local or online, requires you to stay competitive and ahead of your rival businesses. One of the key components of marketing and gaining exposure is through branding. This requires the use of your company logo in as many places as you can. The more consumers see your logo, the more they will begin to associate it with your business and remember it the next time they need your services. These are the six best places to use your company logo for optimal business branding.

Social networks

Social media is an essential part of your business branding, and your company logo should be used on each and every social media website you belong to. Make your company logo your profile picture and place it anywhere else that’s suitable. Anyone who follows you on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks will see the logo and begin to remember it.

website banner

One of the first places you’ll put your company logo is on your website banner. Don’t underestimate the power of proper trademarking by including your logo directly on your website banner. The banner is the best place for it because it is seen on all web pages.


All online and print communications must be branded. This includes all digital and print newsletters, direct mail, brochures, email signatures, postcards, fax cover sheets, and any other documents you send. Even a small logo in the top corner of a newsletter is effective.

product packaging

If your business ships items, put your logo on the product packaging. It has several items where this can be done, including the address label, gift box, discount coupons included in the shipment, and on the printed invoice. Also, don’t forget to put a sticker with your logo on the package itself. Not only does the customer see this, but also every passing hand in the post office and on the road.

QR codes

A QR code, which stands for “Quick Response Code”, is a square scan code that is made up of pixels. This type of code can be scanned using a smartphone or mobile device barcode scanner. After scanning the code, the person can see the data you programmed into the code and be directed to the website of their choice. You can design the code to include a small area with your company logo that does not detract from the ability to scan.

favorites icon

The last place to put your company logo for branding purposes is your favicon. As you may know, the favicon is the little icon next to your URL in the browser. It is very useful to promote your brand and show that you are a professional. It’s easy to generate a favicon with your company logo.

By placing your logo in these six places, you are gaining exposure and increasing your branding opportunities. Before long, you’ll start to notice the difference it’s made in your marketing efforts.

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