The best exercises to lose weight

Many people often overlook the importance of doing the right exercises to lose weight. With so many Americans and people around the world on a lifelong quest to control their weight, it’s no wonder supermarket shelves are full of diet products. Yet somehow none of these are working and most of us keep getting fatter and fatter. One of the reasons for this is not what we eat, but the fact that few of us do anything with our bodies. In the past, people walked to work, walked to school, and children played sports. But now, it seems like we spend most of our time (even right now!) on our computers or watching TV.

If you can’t remember the last time you went for a walk, then it’s been too long. Walking is an integral part of any weight loss program and is one of the easiest exercises to lose weight. You don’t need anything more than a comfortable pair of shoes, and whether you’re walking up and down your block, or spending time on the treadmill, you’ll be burning calories whether you want to or not.

One way you can really use walking as a means of burning fat is by doing interval training. For the beginning walker, this would mean walking fast for a minute and then slowing down for three or four. Do this routine for half an hour and see how you feel. Over time, you may want to get to the point where you jog for one minute and walk for three. These weight loss exercises will actually burn more calories than walking alone.

Swimming exercises for weight loss are also extremely effective. This doesn’t mean you have to be the next Michael Phelps to lose weight. Just by jumping into a pool and walking or jogging in place, you’ll be using the resistance of the water to burn calories. An aqua aerobics class can actually burn over 400 calories an hour, and the harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn.

Finally, if you haven’t been on the bike in a while, now may be the time. Whether you’re on a bike at the gym or just biking around your neighborhood, riding a bike is a great way to lose weight and have a lot of fun. Get the family involved and take a short cycle to a destination together.

Of course, it takes more than exercise to lose weight, and if you’re not watching your diet, then you won’t lose any weight. The keys to losing weight are eating a healthy diet, eating at the right time of day, getting enough sleep, and learning to incorporate various forms of activity into your daily life.

The weight loss exercises you choose should be fun enough that you can do them regularly. Remember that exercise is really just “playing,” and if it’s not fun, you’re unlikely to stick with it.

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