The Bully – A Poem

I was there,
6 feet tall
all big and strong
In his head-covered hood,
The Roanoke High Bully
pompous bastard,
Who does he think he is?

his face like stone
flexing his muscles
rubbing his fist
proud as an eagle
He was the king of his territory.
Surrounded by his subjects
Everyone following him, like his shadow.

Always looking for prey
Many trembled when they heard his name
Or pass it down the aisle,
Not a battle has he lost yet
No matter how small or tall you are in size
I am the King, he shouted with glee.
He snapped his fingers,
And the gang came up
His eyes following the direction
From your finger.

coming your way
he was a short and skinny boy
As he got closer, he looked at the group.
The King noticed that his eyes were slanted.
He raised his hand and ordered the attack.
The gang pounced on him and knocked him down.
They kicked him in the face and body.
They grabbed him from the backpack
And dragged him to the king.

The king punched him in the face.
Blood squirting everywhere
He yelled “stop, stop, you’re hurting me.”
The king suddenly threw back his head,
breaking out laughing
“Hit him again,” he ordered.

Like puppets they did their bidding
The gang kicked him and beat him some more.
they threw books at him
His face was all bloody as he lay motionless on the ground.
Just as the group turned to walk away
The young Chinese man managed to get up and run.
He was suffering, a lot
He said if I don’t get out of here
They will kill me.

The young freshman kept running.
Until he came home feeling safe.
He was scared, he screamed and banged on the door.
His mother opened the door and saw her son with a bloody face.
She collapsed in his arms.
She was crying hysterically “What happened?” she said.
“I don’t know, Mom. I was on my way to school.
This gang attacked me.
I don’t want to go back to that school,” he said.

I’ll talk to your Uncle Henry.
“He is a Martial Arts teacher, I know he will help you.”
“How can you help me, mom?”
“He will make you strong and show you how to defend yourself
Against many.”
Peter listened to his mother.
She went to live with Uncle Henry and changed schools.

For three years he trained day and night with Uncle Henry.
Practicing techniques, improving your skill.
Uncle Henry was pleased with Peter’s progress;
I work very hard
Now Peter Chin was ready.

Returned to Roanoke High to even the score
Hoping to meet the King face to face.
Once more the King appeared with his followers.
And spied the Chinese boy
“Hey, that kid looks familiar,” he told his gang.
“Isn’t that the boy we beat up three years ago?”
“Where have you been all this time?”
Peter looked boldly at the king.

The king felt nervous.
The gang began to surround the young man.
Peter only had a stick in his hand.
Do or Die row in your head
The king laughed out loud
“Catch him,” he yelled.
One by one Peter shot them down
Only Pedro and the King remained,
All alone.

The king pounced on Peter.
Well trained, Peter moved quickly.
Giving him a karate kick to the chest
Leaving him breathless on the ground.
There he lies, alone, humiliated and destroyed
he once upon a time
Bully from Roanoke High.
Peter turned and walked away.

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