The Magi Cards: Learning the basic concepts related to Tarot and Astrology

The old one Magic cards they are similar to the Tarot and other decks of Divination cards, as well as the normal playing cards we are so familiar with. This system is also known as Mystic Cards and the Quadrate system. It is also similar to Astrology in that there are elements and planetary energies that affect the natal and progressed Magi Card charts.

There are four sticks. Each suit has its characteristics that affect those whose main Magi birth cards are of that suit. In reality, our full birthday table often has all or most of the suits represented, but they are defined within certain perimeters. A Venus Heart card works differently than a Saturn Heart card, for example.

In fact, it must be said that a Magi Card with all its many facets and layers, works very similar to an Astrology card. There are millions of people, for example, who have the Sun in Aries and have the same very general content written about that sun sign. What makes it unique is the position of that Sun sign, its relationship to all the other cards in the chart by aspect, dignity, and transit. The same goes for Magi cards and their card number, suit, and position. The chart is a combination of the whole, not just one card taken by itself.

Still, that’s where we started in our studies. First, one must learn the meanings of the 4 suits, which is what this article is about. Then you must learn the meaning of the 10 numbers of each Suit and the Court Cards. For example, all 3 have certain characteristics in common, just like the other numbers. Finally, we study the meaning of a specific card in a suit and relate it to the position they occupy on the table.

From there, in advanced studies, we learn to blend the meanings and get into the layers of chart spreads… the 13 Year Chart, the 7 Year Chart, the 4 Year Chart, the Year Charts, the Season Cards, the Lunar Month Cards, the Weekly and Daily Cards.

To begin with, let’s look at the general meaning of the Suits:

The four card suits

HEARTS suit. It represents the Season of Spring and the element of Fire.

Spring is the beginning of the growth cycle. It is a creative time, and those of this suit greatly appreciate the Arts, beautiful things, harmony and peace. Love and relationships are very important and Hearts people tend to have many friends. Home and family is very important to them. They are passionate and put their hearts into what they do. They tend to be emotional and have empathy. However, they can wear their feelings up their sleeves and get hurt and offended easily. Some are lazy or too pleasure oriented. Loving unconditionally will overcome self-centered tendencies.

CLUB suit. It represents the Summer Season and the element of Air.

Summer is the time when things grow and flourish. Clubs rule over mental attributes and some are quite brilliant. They love to meet, learn, communicate and spread ideas. They are also creative and often excellent writers. They are skilled at discovering, obtaining, and sharing information. It’s the high intelligence suit, but they can get too mental, too analytical, too stubborn, even arrogant. Being too much in your head can bring indecision due to a confused feeling when you feel overwhelmed. They can be stubborn in their views. They should strive to be open and flexible, also think with their hearts, and be willing to work and listen to others and their points of view.

DIAMONDS suit. It represents the Autumn or Fall Season and the Earth element.

Autumn is the harvest period when things bear fruit and profits are made. Especially the financial gains. It is the suit of business talents and good sense. It is material, yes, but it is also the dress of high values, high morals and good ethics. One seeks to create value and have a healthy sense of self-esteem. However, Diamond people must guard against being materialistic and/or afraid of money or becoming greedy and selfish or doubting their own worth. Don’t equate having money with your value as a person. It is not!

Spades Suit. It represents the Winter Season and the element of Water.

In winter, the cycles are completed, it is a slower and deeper time and it is a period of calm preparation for the new. It tends to feel like a heavier period and work, job and health issues are dealt with. It represents seriousness and a hard worker who is reliable, organized, determined, practical, has tenacity and self-discipline. It is also the outfit of spiritual wisdom and reflection and inner growth. It is the suit of rebirth and transformation. Many of this suit are “old souls”. These people need to make sure they don’t get stuck in a rut, become too rigid, or fearful. They need to take care of their health, have good lifestyle habits to support this. Do not become a workaholic or ignore the spiritual. Everyone has a creative side and developing/expressing this is a wonderful way to grow, be happy and be a positive person, as well as a constructive and trustworthy person.

Now let’s give an example to see how the different Suits can be related in a situation. Let’s say a person has just experienced a difficult traumatic event in their life. It brings sadness to their hearts, they feel worried and don’t know what to do, but they long for some relief and answers. Fortunately, he has many friends who care.

friend #1TO Heart, come to his aid. The Heart Person has a lot of empathy and feels the sadness together with him/her, giving him/her the emotional support and love that he/she so needs. He assures them that he is there for them and that he will be a good listener anytime.

friend #2TO ClubHe is energetic and positive, so he tries to cheer him up, tries to help him find something positive in the situation. He has lots of ideas and helps them explore possible solutions. It is objective, so you can see all sides and it helps them evaluate you rationally and objectively.

friend #3TO Diamond He has a great sense of justice and common sense. (Not that guys in other suits don’t, but Diamonds are better known for the trait) They will help you assess the event/circumstances to see what value there is or isn’t. Is there any hidden value in the matter? What is the morality of this? They are interested in understanding this and will help you figure it out in a very practical way. There’s no pie in the sky… just what can actually be done in practice. And if there are finances or contracts involved, they are quite astute in these matters, having great business sense.

Friend #4TO swords, will be down to earth, like the Diamond, and may suggest that they get back to work as quickly as possible, or somehow keep busy while they let this pass. They are also likely to suggest some spiritual solutions and urge you to have faith and trust in the Universe by letting go. There’s no point in trying to hold on. You are free only when you let go, they will say. In fact, they may suggest a technique to use…they’re full of “techniques”, like the Sedona Liberation Method. They may suggest that all of this may work out in your favor in the long run. They get the big picture.

I hope this helps you better understand card suits as a basis for further study.

Would you like to know which Card is the main one for YOUR birthday? Click HERE for your card and also below the Calendar is a picture of what the Natal Life Chart looks like. Find your card on this chart.

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