Top Bass Fishing Tips – Part Four – Dead Sticking for More Bass

This is the fourth installment in our five-part series called Top Bass Fishing Tips. If you missed the top three, you don’t want to miss this week’s installment.

In this fourth article I want to see the fine art of sticking lower. Sticking to bass is simply casting your bait or lure, and leaving it there until you can’t take it anymore. It tests your patience, but that is exactly the purpose of this bass fishing technique. It should come as no surprise that a bass can wait longer than you. People by nature are impatient and even after throwing an energy worm or any other bait or lure and leaving it out there, “dead dived” in the water for a few minutes, most people will go crazy. But this is the point behind this bass fishing technique.

Let me share with you a short story to illustrate this technique. I was fishing up north in the undergrowth looking for those campfire-sized bass. I was flipping, throwing spin baits, walking the dog, etc. Basically all the tricks I had that my tackle box could deliver and captured my impatience more than anything else. When all of a sudden, I noticed that there were sea bass in the area but they were following my baits and lures so slowly that I hadn’t noticed them before. OK what to do? I knew these bass were inactive, very inactive, most likely these wolves already had full guts, so their eyes were bigger than their stomachs, but they still felt the need to follow baits and lures that just didn’t have the motivation to nail. them.

So I tried the dead bass fishing technique. I let my power frogs sit in the thickets of grass so it turned my brain into nothing short of madness. You will be amazed how long an idle fully fed bass will stare at your baits. Believe me when I say longer then you can handle without touching the need to roll it up. Then finally I started catching the bass. Sure I didn’t cast dozens, but this bass fishing technique works.

Best to try this when you know the lows are there and none of the other tricks and tactics are working. When this is the case, you have nothing to lose except time trying to stick. I bet you will be surprised by the results. My personal experience has shown that plastic baits and lures work best with this bass fishing technique, so don’t be afraid when you find very inactive bass, go for this bass fishing technique. Better to catch some bass than nothing but frustration. Fishing for idle bass requires you to slow down your introductions, and if they are super idle maybe because their stomachs are full you will have to slow it down even more and that’s when the fight to catch more wolves comes into play.

Stay tuned for the next article that will continue our series on the best tips for bass fishing and I hope you follow our series to learn even more bass fishing techniques.

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