Top five points to check when buying a plot – Vaastu Remedies

People who know something about Vaastu, which is an ancient architectural science, will also know that it is about balancing the five elements and cosmic energies. If this balance is shaken, problems occur in one’s life.

In fact, balance is very important and Vaastu Shastra teaches us about it. One’s life begins with his home. It is a bit difficult to implement all the principles and rules of Vaastu in an already built house/building, although it is possible. But if you are going to build a new building, it may be more accessible and beneficial to take care of the rules and principles of Vaastu from the start.

Generally, when people search for the land before construction, they give more priority to the facilities, the legal authority of the land, their budget, etc. But they are ignorant of the Vaastu rules that lay down harmony and balance. If Vaastu is considered with all other important things, then your new house/building can make your dreams come true.

So what does Vaastu suggest for his new plot. Well, it’s a huge list and not all the points can be mentioned in this one article. Let’s learn about the most important ones.

1. Surroundings of the plot: The environment of the plots must be taken care of. There could be many factors that can bring happiness or sadness. I like: plots surrounded by plants, trees and green areas are auspicious.

If you are buying land to build a new house, then there should be no workshops, butcher shops and other similar odor-causing places near the land. Since it generates negative energy for the inhabitants of the house.

Also consider that the parcel should not be in the middle of two other large parcels. This will bring you negative feelings and lead you to poverty.

2. Plot near Public Place: If you are going to buy a plot near a public place like a school, hospital, temple or university etc then it is not good according to Vaastu. Because such places have no peace and therefore the house inmates in the nearby area may face problems like: lack of peace, concentration, etc. But, public places 80-100 feet away from the parcel will not affect the Vaastu of the parcel.

3. Take care of the roads near your plot: A plot facing a street that ends in it is not good. You can call it “T” or vedh school. But the parcel that is surrounded by roads running from all directions is considered good for business purposes. Plots that have paths heading north or east are also auspicious. As this causes more space in this direction, which is good for having positive energy through sunlight.

4. South of the plot: If the south of your plot is heavy, it’s good. Things like mounds, dirt mounds, huge buildings, etc. in the south they make it heavy, which is good according to Vaastu.

5. Northeast of the plot: Northeast is the direction where the sunlight hits you, which is a great source of positive energy. And that is why Vaastu suggests that there should be no large buildings, bridges or any other obstacles in the northeast direction, very close to your plot. Please note that the distance between your plot and the obstacles should be twice the height of your new building.

If there is a water source, such as a river or canal near your plot, it must face north or east and the flow of water must be from west to east or south to north.

These are main points, which can be easily considered and understood by the general public. But there are more things that one can look for when buying a new parcel, such as the front of the parcel, the forms of the parcel. Having a structure free from all Vaastu flaws needs proper consultation of professionals.

Soon we will discuss about the points that must be taken into account during the construction of the building.

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