Toronto Rapper Sochita Told She Wants To Album

Toronto Rapper Sochita

Sochita Sal, or Honey Cocaine as she sometimes calls herself, is a Canadian pop artist, rapping artist, and singer. She gained attention in the early 2000s due to her singles “Honey Cocaine” and “Cocaine,” which made the rounds on the charts in North America. She has sold over twelve million singles worldwide. The drug is called “Cocaine” by many people, but Sochita Sal refers to it as simply Honey Cocaine.

Sochita Sal is the daughter of an urban legend and performer called Baby Doc. The two first met when Doc was performing in a nightclub in Toronto, Canada, and Sochita would stay up late listening to his music and eventually meet him. Doc would perform at many venues around town, after which he would invite Sochita and her friends to his house for parties. It was at this party that she would discover her true identity. At some point during their friendship, Doc would offer her the use of his private airplane for her concerts in Las Vegas, California and Toronto. It was at this time that she realized that Cocaine was her real name and not a nickname.

A year later, Sochita resurfaced as Honey Cocaine in an all new song called “Cocaine.” After being released by Interscope Records, she decided to release her own album entitled “Mixtape,” which was supposed to feature guest appearances by everyone from Reebok to Pharrell Williams. However, the project was delayed when it was discovered that Sochita didn’t actually have a record deal, but rather just a fan following. “Mixtape” wasn’t officially released until the summer of 2021, after which it was briefly released as a free mixtape online.

Toronto Rapper Sochita Told She Wants To Album

“Mixtape” was a huge hit, especially once it was featured in the Best R&B Songs and was released as a digital download. Two months after its release, it was confirmed that the song would be hitting the charts, which would definitely increase its popularity. By this point, Sochita was enjoying a career renaissance as she signed deals with Def Jam, Scott Storch, Young Money, and Cash Money. She even has her own songwriting career, working with artists like Kanye West and Rihanna. In addition to her music career, Sochita has also dabbled into modeling, appearing on a series of covers for Dior, Cipo, and Evisu. She currently has four solo singles out right now, all of which were featured on the singles albums mentioned above.

Now that she’s finally achieved the success that she’s been hoping for, it seems as if Sochita is going to take the baton of the rap scene by storm and really make a splash. Earlier this month, she started following the social media phenomenon that is Twitter and has even started her own twitter account. If she continues with this trend, then she will be able to keep up with the flow of rap’s most popular trend: viral videos. Rapper 50 Cent, who was once a big fan of Sochita’s music, has even added her to his twitter page.

Honey Cocaine is definitely an album that Sochita has to be thankful for. She has had her ups and downs throughout her career, but she has always kept a strong presence in the Toronto area. Hopefully Honey Cocaine will receive the attention it deserves this year and will debut at or near the top of the charts!

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