What are some web design trends for 2021?

Comfortable colors

Due to the current situation, jobs have increasingly become digital in nature and many people spend most of their time working on their computers. For this reason, it is common for users to feel eyestrain after staring at their screens for several hours. With this in mind, web designers are using color palettes that are easy on the eye.

That’s why the dark mode trend caught on last year. This counteracts the whiteness that dominates the computer screen.

Next year, web designers will be looking for a middle ground between extreme light and dark colors. They will make use of soft color schemes like pastel blues, warm browns, greens, and light pinks. This way, website colors will be less harsh compared to solid white or black for comfort and peace of mind.

All in all, this trend clearly indicates that future web designers will prioritize accessibility and convenience over impressive innovation.

Web design for a cause

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown orders have paved the way for people to take refuge on the internet. Businesses with physical stores have switched to selling online to survive, while business meetings and conferences, as well as social gatherings, are conducted over the Internet. Web designers have taken up the challenge with meaningful and impressive designs.

In 2021, web designers will participate to help people around the world get through these difficult times.

Therefore, company web designs will focus on their virtues, which include their efforts to sustain themselves and involvement with their community, among others. In this sense, brands will use archive photographs that show real and different consumers, increasing digital spaces that raise awareness of social causes through visualizations, simulations and other means of interaction. There will also be an increase in “do it yourself” methods and resources to allow people to create their own website.

Web design aims to offer a great user experience, which in 2021 will emanate from common causes and shared values.

Displacement transformations

Every time users scroll down a page, they not only navigate through it, but also interact. Things they do, like move their fingers over the mouse, elicit a response. These interactive actions are a way to participate and each time they are part of what is happening, there is a greater chance of gaining their interest and participation.

A subtle way for users to interact is by scrolling, and in this sense, web designers are developing the visual feedback that users receive every time they scroll. They do this by making changes to full-color palettes, complex animated transitions, and big design changes. Overall, they will think of more ways to make each scroll feel like they are visiting a new page or a new website.

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