7 reasons to buy a Samsung TV

Samsung has been at the forefront of new LED TV technology for some time. Many people who haven’t bought a TV in years may be inclined to think that Sony or some other nationally recognized brand would be the leader in flat screen TVs, however Samsung has successfully taken the top spot in recent years. The innovation, style, and performance of Samsung TVs are the reason why I think Samsung TVs are worth it and you shouldn’t even consider any other TV for your home.

1. Image quality
Samsung TVs undoubtedly have the best picture quality of any TV available today. With today’s craze for high definition, if you have the ability to get the best picture quality than the other competitors, why not? The technology in their televisions, along with their high refresh rates and local dimming, allow these televisions to have the crisp, clear picture that most people who don’t live under a rock want. Local dimming allows for higher contrast, resulting in better detail in the TV picture. A high refresh rate enables viewers of sports, action movies, games, etc. to avoid blurring while watching fast-moving content.

2. Slim design
Over the past few years, Samsung, more than anyone, has steadily scaled down the design of its televisions. Some manufacturers now, like LG, have become popular, but still cannot completely lose weight like Samsung. Samsung has always tried to slim down the edge of their TVs and now the edges are barely visible. They basically not only eliminated the edge, but also reduced the depth of their televisions, making them the industry leader in slim televisions.

3. Voice / gesture control
Samsung is constantly looking for new ways to make its products more distinctive and innovative than the competition, and with its new voice control and gesture control they have. Voice control allows effortless hands-free operation. This is very convenient for when someone is eating or worrying about other activities, not to mention if the remote control is lost. Gesture control is not as useful as voice control, but it allows Samsung to differentiate them from the competition.

4. Internet browser
Although some of the high-end manufacturers have found adding a web browser to their televisions to be a very popular selling point, no other company can offer the same experience that Samsung can offer with its Qwerty remote keyboard on many select models. Sony offers a similar remote control on its “Google TV”, but it is the only model Sony makes with this superior remote control. Not to mention, its below par refresh rate makes it very unattractive to buyers.

5. Smart apps
With the recent popularity of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other popular Internet applications, Samsung has become the manufacturer with the best and most applications. Not to mention, many of their newer models of high-end TVs have a built-in camera that makes the ability to use the Skype app very convenient.

6. A third dimension
Samsung’s new LED TVs come standard with 3D-capable technology that takes your home theater experience into a whole new world. These new 3D televisions use active shutter glasses as opposed to passive glasses used in movie theaters. Another positive aspect of these glasses is that they work much better since, without getting too technical, the glasses do all the work instead of your eyes. Samsung’s 3D glasses are also some of the cheapest 3D glasses in the industry.

7. More economical
Unlike previous CRT or “tube” televisions, these new flat-panel displays use even less power than ever. Some Samsung LED TVs have been estimated to cost less than $ 20 to operate per year. Not to mention, these Samsung flat screen TVs don’t use harmful substances like mercury that could be harmful.

Overall, the innovation, style, and performance of Samsung LED TVs create an experience that’s second to none. While they tend to be some of the higher-priced TVs, they are worth it by offering unprecedented features for the perfect home theater experience.

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