Do People Have To Wear A Helmet On E-Bike?

Do People Have To Wear A Helmet On E-Bike?

Do you really need a helmet for an e-bike? What is the safest bike helmet? How much does an e-bike helmet cost? As an e-bike manufacturer, we would like to inform customers about the obligation to wear a helmet when riding an e-bike.

Legal aspects

In many countries, there are varying regulations regarding helmet use when riding an E-Bike. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific laws and regulations of your country or region. In some areas, there may be a general helmet requirement for E-Bikes, while in others, only certain age groups or types of bicycles are affected.

Safety when riding an E-Bike

Regardless of the legal requirements, it is advisable to wear a helmet when riding an E-Bike. A helmet provides protection for your head and can reduce or prevent severe injuries in case of a fall. This applies to both traditional bicycles and E-Bikes. Accidents can happen at any time, and wearing a helmet enhances your safety. Our customers often tell us that their e-bike was damaged in a road accident and that they were not seriously injured thanks to the protection provided by the helmet.


At JOBOBIKE we offerbike helmets in two colours, grey and blue, which have been specially developed for e-bike riders.Our helmets are tested for safety and comply with the rigorous standards of CE EN 1078 in Europe and CPSC in the USA. This ensures reliable protection for your safety.

Here are some key features of our JOBOBIKE Helmets:

Helmet dimensions: 29cm * 24cm * 18cm

Weight: 320g

CE EN 1078 certified in Europe and CPSC certified in the USA

Currently, we are offering our JOBOBIKE Helmet at a special price of 25 Euros. When purchased together with an E-Bike, there are no additional shipping charges.Protect yourself and invest in your safety with a high-quality JOBOBIKE Helmet!

JOBOBIKE is currently having a E-Bike Black Friday sale, the cheapest time of the year for e-bikes. This is because many e-bike brands are selling out their stock now and will be offering new models next year. Even if the weather is cold, it is a wise decision to buy a suitable means of transport in advance for the warmer seasons. We thank you for your attention and wish you a safe journey!

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