Faucets and Sinks

Everyone uses their sinks and faucets every day. We use them every day to clean, shave, and wash our hands. Faucets and sinks are the leaks most seen by plumbers. The average homeowner also notices a leaky sink or faucet because they interact with it on a daily basis. When checking faucets and sinks, preventative maintenance like changing washers and supply lines can make a fixture last longer and perform better.

Finishes and Styles

When selecting a new faucet, it’s good to consider finishes and styles that match your personality and style in your bathroom. There are many styles of faucets. One handle, two handle, wide, wall mounts and different handle accents. The finish on a fixture can really set off a good bathroom. Chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, copper and brass are a few.

sink bowls

Another option to consider would be the type of bowl you would like. There is a container that sits on the counter with a rim on the counter and the seam is caulked. There are also countertops that have a built-in container that is placed under the counter. There are also bin holders that sit on top of the counter and the drain goes through the counter under the cabinet to connect the drain.


Updating a bathroom with new sinks and faucets can make a world of difference. New models of sinks and faucets are always being released. Make sure you get the most out of your investment. Plumbing Solutions, LLC can help you on your way to a new bathroom. When buying new faucets and sinks, you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still want good quality. Plumbing Solutions, LLC can help make the bathroom of your dreams a reality.

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