How many calories in a tangerine

Tangerine is a sweet and juicy fruit that is orange in color and peels easily. It is usually bought in large quantities in the South during the Christmas season. Mandarins are related to an orange as well as the mandarin and offers both seedless and seedless versions. When looking for information on the calories in a tangerine, there are several facts to consider, such as the size of the tangerine and the serving size.

  • Clementine – 35 calories of gold (74.0 g.). The Clementine mandarin is the sweetest version of the mandarin varieties.
  • Dancy – 50 calories of gold (109g.). Dancy tangerine contains 3 grams of fiber. The fiber content in Dancy mandarin orange is 12% of the recommended daily allowance.
  • Mandarin Lee– 45 calories of gold (98.0 g). The Lee Mandarin is high in dietary fiber at 2.0 grams each.
  • Minneloa tangelo – 70 calories of gold (109.0 g) per medium tangelo. The Minneloa Tangelo contains nine calories from fat. The calories in tangerines include a small portion of fat per serving.

Tangerine Nutrition Facts

Tangerines contain essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B-1 and B-2, B-6. Tangerines also contain 1.0 g of protein. Tangerines also have many essential minerals, such as carotene, calcium, and iron. Tangerines do not contain sodium and are low in fat. Tangerines do not contain cholesterol either.

Health benefits of a tangerine

The vitamin C found in mandarins is known to build a healthy immune system that offers protection against illness and disease. Vitamin C is also believed to prevent some types of cancer. Vitamins B-1, B-2, and B-6 found in mandarin oranges offer health benefits, such as protection against heart disease. Vitamin B-1 is believed to protect the eyes against cataract formation. Vitamin B-1 is believed to improve brain function.

Vitamin B-2 contains antioxidants that offer protection against certain types of cancer. Vitamin B-2 is also believed to offer protection against certain types of cancer. Vitamin B-6 is the vitamin that many people take to prevent symptoms of fatigue.

Carotenes are also found in mandarins and are believed to lower cholesterol or cholesterol (bad HDL), while at the same time increasing cholesterol (good LDL). Taking carotene is believed to improve lung function. Carotene has been known for decades for its vision-related health benefits, as those who have a diet containing carotene often have better vision than those who do not have carotene. While looking for information on how many calories a tangerine has, you should also read all the health benefits.

How to store tangerines

You should always choose tangerines that are firm and plump, free of blemishes or blemishes. The ideal way to choose mandarins is to visit an orchard and pick your own. Rinse the tangerines in cold water and dry them completely. Place the fruit you plan to use right away in containers out of direct sunlight. Tangerines stored at room temperature will last 2-3 days. Unwrapped tangerines can be placed in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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