How to get rid of pimples safely

In this article, I’ll discuss how to best get rid of unsightly blackheads, an especially difficult form of acne to get rid of. Unlike a series of articles you may see, I will argue that you should No pops blackheads

First, you need to clean your face. This should be done using a facial cleanser, not soap. Because? Soap can get into your pores and actually clog them further, causing bacteria to build up inside your skin, leading to even worse breakouts. Instead, use a non-oil based cleaner. This should also be done very gently. If you rub your face, you’ll create small cuts that can become infected and cause even more acne. Instead, just gently wash off.

Second, you must steam your skin. What does this mean? By applying steam to the skin, the body will naturally soften the skin and open the pores. How do you do this? There are different ways. One way is to apply a warm washcloth to the area you want to clean. The evaporation of hot water will open your pores. However, the easiest way is to simply take a warm shower for about fifteen minutes. The showers are full of steam and steam your skin better than any other treatment.

Next, you should not pop your blackheads. Popping blackheads is bad for several reasons. First, because you just opened up all your pores, you just created a smorgasbord for your acne to get back into your skin. You will have gotten rid of a blackhead, but you will have made two more. Second, it can scar. It is very easy to scar your skin when you start to blow up your own skin. It is best to simply avoid the risk.

Instead, now take a “pore cleansing” facial strip and apply it to your steamed blackhead. Press down on the black dot to make sure you catch it and pull it back (different marks have slightly different directions, so make sure you follow them exactly). This safely removes the blackhead and captures the infectious bacteria.

Congratulations! Now you have fewer blackheads.

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