How to Pick a BMW Car Seat

Pick a BMW Car Seat

If you’re the parent of young kids, you know how important it is to have your child safety seat fitted properly. That’s why car seat experts recommend taking your baby or toddler to a certified child safety seat technician when shopping for a new seat or having your current one installed. But which car seats are the safest for your family? We spoke with expert Frank Stephenson to get the scoop on the latest innovations in children’s car seats.

He’s designed BMW’s first crossover, reinterpreted the old Mini and Fiat 500 in modern form, and penned more supercars than you might think possible–but three years ago, Stephenson left his job as design director at McLaren to start his own consultancy. His latest project is to rethink Buy BMW car seats, with a design that’s both stylish and substantially safer.

Statistically, the most dangerous place for a child in a car is the front passenger seat. To combat this, engineers at the Israeli company Mobius Protection Systems developed a carbon-fiber seat that mounts (facing either forward or rearward) to the vehicle and is packed with sensors that facilitate proper installation, track the seat’s condition, and alert the driver if an accident occurs or if the child exits the seat. The seat also uses a proprietary shock-absorption spiral that’s based on the same technology used to insulate soldiers in tanks and armored personnel carriers from the forces of impact.

How to Pick a BMW Car Seat

In our hands-on tests of the BabyArk, the seat was easy to install in both the rear middle seat and the backseat. We connected the lower LATCH anchors through huge flip-up plastic covers that are easy to spot, and even the three anchors for the top tethers weren’t a contortion act to reach. And our 5-foot-6-inch test passenger had plenty of legroom in the front seat, while maintaining a good connection to both seats’ head restraints with the booster.

However, the seat’s buckles are on short stalks that are flush with the seat bottom cushion. This might give kids a hard time grasping them, and it might make the seat harder to secure if you’re using a harness. In addition, it’s recommended that the seat be removed from the vehicle when passengers wear thick winter coats or jackets that could interfere with the belt fit.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, BMW Luxury Seating goes beyond traditional expectations. Many BMW models feature adjustable seat functions that can be personalized through intuitive controls. From heated and ventilated seats to massage functions, these seats are designed to pamper occupants and elevate the driving experience to new heights. The integration of smart sensors enhances the overall experience, with the seats adapting to the driver’s movements and providing support where needed.

If you’re considering a BMW, read our reviews of each model to learn more about the features and specs that will best suit your family’s needs. And check out our car seat safety ratings to see which vehicles are our Top Picks for family-friendly driving.

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