Physical signs of attraction: how to know if he likes you too

Have you ever felt a tingling sensation every time you see this guy? Do you feel like he always looks in your direction every time you walk by? Does your heartbeat race every time you see it? Did it ever cross your mind to know him better? If all of your answers are yes, you may be physically attracted to this man. There are many physical signs of attraction that you should be aware of.

These are just a few manifestations of the physical signs of attraction, the look, the tingling sensation, they all mean the same thing. There is chemistry in the air during the exchange of glances and you can feel the instant attraction. There are people who can’t seem to hide how they feel, however, there are some who know how to hide their feelings of attraction, unless you look deeper. Here are some physical signs of attraction to avoid being clueless when a guy is attracted to you;

1. Feet and legs: When a guy plays, he crosses and uncrosses his legs and his feet and legs point towards you while he talks, it indicates that he is attracted to you.

2. Eyes: When intense emotion is felt, the eyes excrete tears but not to the point of falling. The eyes will only look shiny due to liquid excretion, and this is an indication of physical attraction. So when a guy talks to you and his eyes sparkle and shine, it means that he is attracted to you.

3. Fidgeting and Touching: Playing with hair, touching clothes, stroking cheeks, rubbing skin, touching ear, massaging neck, and playing with objects and jewelry are physical signs of attraction. The skin of the mouth and upper lips becomes very sensitive when there is physical attraction.

4. Clothes: When a man feels attraction, he feels hot and needs to adjust his clothes to relieve the hot sensation he feels when he sees his object of attraction. Adjusting your tie, opening several shirt buttons, and rolling up your shirt sleeves when he talks to you are all physical signs of attraction.

5. Trying to get your attention: When a guy feels attracted, he will look for ways to get your attention. He will get loud and fun to be noticed. Another way is to distance yourself from the crowd and be alone, making it appear eerie and mysterious.

6. Stand with your hands on your hips – When a guy is attracted to a girl, he will stand with his hands on his hips while talking to her. This will emphasize the size of his body and show her confidence. This also shows that he wants the girl to notice her best assets, that’s why the hands are on her hips, maybe he thinks her assets are in that area.

Those are just some of the common physical signs of attraction. Some people may find it difficult to hide them, while others may still have doubts about whether the guy is really attracted to her. So whenever you see those kinds of signs from a man, you can be sure that he really is attracted to you.

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