Straight kitchen design idea to meet your space restriction needs

The kitchen, which is the important part of the house, needs a lot of attention while you are designing your dream house! Kitchens are designed taking into account the available space and the needs of the user. A straight kitchen is a single wall kitchen design with counter space on both sides of the kitchen.

Straight modular kitchens are among the most affordable designs that are perfect for homeowners limited by budget and space. They can integrate a minimalist aesthetic while pouring the essence of a gallery or L-shaped kitchen decor. Straight kitchen designs are also popular in homes that have a second, smaller kitchen area for special occasions or purposes. irregular.

It is advisable to go for simple kitchen design ideas if you are limited to a smaller kitchen space. Also with longer and smaller kitchens, straight kitchen ideas are suitable. For homeowners who are planning an open kitchen, this layout seems to be the most suitable option as it does not require a large work area and the layout can easily blend in with the rest of the decor.

Here are some tips to improve the functionality of a simple kitchen design:

  • It is advisable to maintain a proper distance between the sink, the plate and the place for electrical appliances.
  • Choose double rows of cabinets to maximize storage space. You can opt for two rows of under-counter storage or have a lower cabinet and a hanging cabinet above the cooking space but on the same wall.
  • For homes that have more space than the normal kitchen, it is not a good option, since it will give a strange feeling.
  • Hiring an interior designer to design a beautiful area for all your kitchen expectations is highly suggested.
  • Make sure you have a proper way to move in the kitchen, just to avoid bumping into something.
  • Hire a professional interior designer to help serve you in a way that all of your design makes sense along with the functionality of the kitchen.
  • In addition to the modular design of the kitchen, also focus on the sockets, so that you do not have to move your appliances on a daily basis and have the electricity supply close to the appliances.
  • If you want to have an open kitchen area, you can even add sliding doors or curtains to cover up clutter at times.
  • Also focus on the area below and above the stove for good storage space.

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