Understanding Initial Outfitters: Can You Really Make Money With Initial Outfitters?

Founded in 1997 by Alicia & Ben Storbeck, Initial Suppliers is a multi-level marketing company that offers products related to design and jewelry, as well as a business opportunity for people to become consultants to the company and have the ability to make money from home, either by selling their products or by enrolling to other people in the business. During this article we are going to gain a greater understanding of Initial Outfitters, as the type of products they offer, the business opportunity they offer and if you can really make money from it, the cost to start and finally my end. thoughts on everything that has been reviewed.

The thing:

As mentioned above, Initial Outfitters offers jewelry and design related products, mostly jewelry and very rarely offer much more, such as designer handbags. I will give a brief explanation of some of the items they offer below. However, before you do, it is important to mention that if you don’t like the prices of their items, they offer monthly specials on a regular basis. Remember, it is also quite difficult to explain verbally or within the written word what a necklace, bracelet, ring or any other piece of jewelry necessarily looks like, but I will do my best!

  1. The Claire – This is actually a two necklaces in one combo piece for $ 39.00 and it comes in blue and light pink.
  2. The isabel – This silver and hematite set costs $ 69.00 and comes with a total of four beautiful necklaces.
  3. The Rhapsody Collection – These are essentially bracelets with words etched into them like “Let Your Soul Shine” and they sell from $ 22-34 and come in black, bronze, and pewter.
  4. Chopping boards – They offer all kinds of different cutting boards while allowing the customer to personalize them by adding their name or whatever else they like and it sells for $ 49.00.

The opportunity:

The big question still remains; Can You Really Make Money With The Initial Outfitters Business Opportunity? Well, to answer this question, we need to look at your compensation plan! This is my favorite part of reviewing, so I hope this is your favorite part to read!

  1. Commission – This is the most common form of compensation when it comes to multi-level marketing companies. You start at 20% until you resell your first $ 1000 worth of products and then you get a 5% raise, making it a 25% commission.

Well that wasn’t much fun. But that’s the ball game!

To conclude, yes, you can make money with the Initial Outfitters compensation plan!

The cost:

Like all businesses, you will need some kind of start-up money! If you are interested in becoming a Consultant, working from home with Initial Outfitters, you will need to purchase one of their three starter kits.

  1. You know that you love it: $ 79.00. This is essentially a starter kit that provides the consultant with enough tools and supplies to start their first home party.
  2. More to love: $ 129.00. This kit contains over $ 300 worth of retail products. It will provide you with enough tools and supplies to start your first home pieces as well as the beginner’s kit, however all personal jewelry included is personalized with your name or initials.
  3. I love everything: $ 199.00. This kit includes over $ 730 in retail products! It has the greatest variety and collection than their other kits and prepares you to take massive action. It also includes personal jewelry customization like the “More To Love” kit does. Quite simply, this kit is for the serious entrepreneur!

Final thoughts:

Initial Outfitters offers around 96 pages of designer jewelry and other items. It seems like most of these jewelry are for women, which is understandable. However, it also seems that most of what they offer are necklaces. They offer rings, bracelets, earrings, and various other pieces of jewelry, but most appear to be necklaces. Okay, but if I’m interested in joining a company like this, I usually do it to make money and help others do the same. Therefore, I am looking for a mass market! If most of what Initial Outfitters offers are necklaces, it certainly isn’t a cry from Massive Market!

The opportunity is weak. Weak is an understatement, it’s horrible! As far as I know, when reviewing their compensation plan, they only offer one payment! Most companies offer 1-6 payments! If I was considering joining the Initial Outfitters business opportunity to make money, it would be a “NO” capital. Without disrespecting the company, but the truth is the truth!

The cost to start is not a bad thing, plus they include three different options to choose from, which makes it much easier to get one based on how you would like to run your business, would you like to start slowly and build your business up or down? would like to go all out, take advantage and take massive action right away. All up to you!

* Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Initial Outfitters or their business / income opportunity!

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