WWE No Way Out – 2009 Review

New field. Just like the old champion.

– From Seattle, Washington. Original air date: 02/15/09

– HHH d. WWE Champion Edge, Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov in an Elimination Chamber (36:00, *** 1/2). At this rate, HHH will have about 30 races for the title before retiring. Anyway, a weird location with the Smackdown EC curtain shaking. I was also surprised by Edgekins’ early elimination, but this match was excellent once they got rid of Kozlov.

– Backstage, Edge complained to Vickie and then Randy did a promotion.

– Randy Orton d. Shane McMahon in an unrestricted match, RKO – pin (18:15, ** 1/2). Shane’s attack in this match was silly, as it seemed incredibly unconvincing to see Orton exaggerate every part of Shane-O-Mac’s offense. This was your regular Shane Spotfest match, although that’s essentially not a bad thing, but I wish they wrapped the dots around something better rather than some basic kicks and punches. Shane must have no friends, as no one rushed to the ring to help him like Orton’s lackeys did. The finale was also EXTREMELY telegraphed and having your main Mania contestant in need of a win over Shane is long overdue.

– ECW Champion Jack Swagger d. Finlay, Blue Thunder Bomb – pin (8:00, * 1/2). What poor PPV planning with this match after the actual main events. And it is also the first bad game of the night, as it was worse than the two games they had on free television, but at least the shillelagh did not reach the goal this time. Matt Striker was his amazing usual self in the comments.

– Backstage HBK was praying.

– Shawn Michaels d. JBL to end slavery, three moves of doom – pin (13:30, **). This match was disappointing as it was treated as a throwaway match; too shotgun, a really interesting angle between JBL and HBK in such an anticlimactic way. Becky (apparently trying to get Shawn DQed to lose the rights to her name) beat up JBL.

– Edge d. World champion John Cena in a Superman cape, Chris Jericho without Countdown, Kane, Mike Knox with a beard and Rey Mysterio in an Elimination Chamber match (29:50, *** 1/2). It’s weird that Cena vs Midcarders is the main event and I was disappointed to see Kofi get knocked out before the game as Edge attacked him to take his House spot. Anyway, except for the Mike Knox segment, this match was really good with the “hey whoa” moment where Cena didn’t beat the odds by leaving early and Rey and Edge almost fell at the end which made it look like Mysterio was going. to inexplicably. wins the world title. Hmm, fuck HHH, at this rate, Edge will break Flair’s record before anyone else.

– Final thoughts: I liked the surprise at the end, my goodness though! EDGE STOLE THE BELT ~! It’s getting a bit tedious at this point (much like Edge’s month-long title reigns). And what about Matt Hardy or Christian who don’t make an appearance as they are central to what they are involved in?

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