7 signs that you are about to get lucky with a Romanian woman

Romanian women are famous for their beauty and most of the foreign men who visited our country had the opportunity to find out that Romanian women are very interested in how they look.

Their beauty can cause them to have exaggerated expectations of the men who want to have relationships with them, but there are several tips that will definitely help you attract a Romanian woman in case you are interested. Romanian women, like most women around the world, are fascinated by intelligent, sensitive and handsome men. Maybe you have all these qualities and you think that being a pick-up artist will bring you luck with a Romanian woman. Totally false, because they are fascinated by men who know how to put their qualities into practice and, when they are in love, they are not afraid to make bold statements.

Here are seven signs that will help you know if the Romanian woman you are trying to seduce is interested in you or not:

1. You have seen her and she looks beautiful. You can’t take your eyes off her, but you’re doing your best not to sound desperate. You can start flirting with her with a smile and if she smiles back, you have won the first battle.

2. Look at her and don’t take your eyes off her when she’s looking at you. Keep your eye on her and try to find out more about her. Keep smiling at her and if her face blushed then you will not be indifferent to her.

3. Psychologists say that a woman who is attracted to a man is doing several things that give away her nervousness. If you can’t stop running her hand through her hair, then you can be sure that you have a very good chance of getting lucky with her.

4. After so many smiles you should go and start a conversation with her. Show him that you are not shy and that you know how to talk to a lady. Don’t ask her too many questions about herself because surely she is not prepared for an interrogation and prefers to discover it step by step. She is a good listener and if the conversation goes easy, then we can be sure that she is not indifferent to you.

5. If he agrees to offer you his phone number, you can be sure that he at least wants to get to know you better. This is a very good start. Call her and if she is happy to hear you then she was waiting for your call eagerly.

6. The first date is very important. Be careful about choosing a romantic and low-key restaurant for dinner, because the private environment will make her vulnerable and she will be very open with you. On the first date you will find out many other things about her, you can make bold statements to her and tell her exactly what you expect of her. Her reaction will definitely make you understand if you are about to have a relationship with her or not.

7. If she has agreed to a relationship with you, try to make her feel special and unique every day. Show her your feelings and she will surely answer you with sincerity and affection. Give her small gifts without occasion, give her compliments, protect her and you will definitely become a very happy man!

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