Should it be illegal to carry my pocket knife?

For self-defense purposes, a pocket knife or dagger may be more of a deterrent than a sharp or sharp instrument. When it comes to knife fights, trust me, they should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, the question can be asked; “What is the best means of self-defense when dealing with an attacker while you are away?” If legislation is passed banning the carrying of all pocket knives, then it would seem that your keys, pens, pencils, cigarette lighters, iron wheels, or pepper spray may be your only options if you are unable to acquire a concealed weapons permit. . Don’t forget that punches, kicks, and bites (just to name a few) are always available to you. Also, I believe that the more cheats and/or hardware you have in your personal arsenal, the better prepared you will be to face various challenges. After all, survival is the first basic law of nature.

I have recently noticed that there has been some discussion about certain states making it illegal to carry pocket knives. Considering the amount of gun violence in our country that far exceeds the amount of pocket knife violence, this type of legislation seems damaging, or perhaps even moot. Carrying firearms without a permit is illegal throughout the country. However, this does not stop criminals from being criminals. In fact, most firearms crimes occur by those who own firearms illegally. As much as I am in favor of strict gun control, I don’t see how making carrying a 3-inch pocket knife illegal is going to solve much. Therefore, it is my opinion that no matter what weapon is prohibited to carry, criminals will continue to misbehave.

It is true that it is instinctive for all creatures to seek and desire self-preservation. However, that shouldn’t suggest that you’re obligated to take out every possible opponent you consider disposable. Survival of the fittest is a remarkable concept proposed by Charles Darwin. But let’s face it, having strong moral values ​​and a good sense for when and where to pick your battles is always key to overcoming any negative situation. As the great Chinese tactician Sun Tzu mentions in his acclaimed book The Art of War, any life-threatening confrontation should be avoided. But there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a backup and you don’t have to use it. Although it can give you an inflated sense of self-esteem.

A pocket knife is a useful tool. With the various types in the world today, there are as many ways it can be used as any other tool. Is it beneficial to prohibit the transport of a hammer? Some might argue “yes” if an outbreak of hammer-related crime suddenly escalated. It is understandable that the registration of a concealed weapon is necessary in most circumstances. But does an angler have to register his 6-inch fillet knife or scaling knife when he goes fishing? How can a pocket knife pose such a huge threat to the public?

As you know, some people carry a pocket knife just for practice and not just for defense. Honing your skills is a great way to keep yourself busy. After talking to numerous people who collect daggers and swords, it’s clear that they admire their design, quality, or simply like them. Practicing with your razor is always helpful, especially for avid outdoor sportsmen.

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